Today’s column is about a very exciting topic: teeth whitening! A few weeks ago, in hopes of getting an instant smile makeover, I tested a teeth whitening service at The Smile Bar in BGC. I’ll be taking you guys through the process of their Triple Whitening with Nano Seal Total+ treatment—which, by the way, only took one session.

But first, don’t you just love the interiors of this space? With a color scheme of white, red, and wood, everything looks so posh and beautiful!
Once you’ve pick the pod you want to sit in, you’ll be asked to proceed to the brushing area. There, you will be instructed to gargle mouthwash and brush your teeth. The Smile Bar provides every single thing you need for this process, down to the water to be used for gargling.
Next stop: the assessment area. In here, your teeth will be checked so the technician knows the baseline shade you’re starting with. My baseline shade was S26.
Then, the teeth whitening begins. The Triple Whitening service involves three rounds of 20-minute whitening treatments. Whitening gel will be applied to a mouthpiece, which is then inserted into your mouth. You’ll be asked to scrub your teeth with a dental cleanser to help the whitening gel adhere better to the enamel. My technician told me that the gel is 100% safe; you’re even allowed to swallow it!
It’s important to note that you shouldn’t let saliva accumulate in your mouth because it can keep the gel from sticking to your teeth. So yes, if you need to swallow, go right ahead. Also, don’t worry about your lips drying out during this process. Your technician will apply a balm over your lips, too!
Once you’re wearing your mouthpiece, a bright light will come into contact with it. You’ll be given a visor so as not to hurt your eyes. At this point, it’s important that you don’t move around too much so the light can properly penetrate each tooth. Don’t worry about getting bored during the waiting period; the Smile Bar will give you headphones and a tablet to use.

After the first round, the shade of my teeth went from S26 to S16! The lower the number, the whiter your teeth. I was amazed because that was just after one session—and since I got the Triple Whitening package, I was entitled to repeat the whitening session two more times during the same appointment. After the second round, I went from S16 to S14; and after the third round, I was at S12. That means, after just one appointment, my teeth got whiter by 7 shades!
Finally, the Nano Seal. This last step is important because it seals all the pores in the enamel that were created for your teeth whitening. It also prevents staining! Unlike other teeth-whitening treatments, you can ingest colored food and drinks immediately taken after your appointment. The funny thing about the Nano Seal is that it smells exactly like Plastic Balloon—yes, that thing every Pinoy used to play with as a kid! As soon as the Nano Seal is brushed over your teeth, you’re done. This whole session only took an hour and a half.
Will you look at these pearly whites? So worth it!
Triple Effect Teeth Whitening & NanoSeal Total+ by The Smile Bar
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Photos and video by Say Artillero