A few weeks ago, I was feeling so stressed out from work, even my skin needed some pampering. After scrolling through Deal Grocer’s Beauty Category—which is pretty much a habit at this point (see this, this, and this)—I decided to pay a visit to G Skin Clinic.

The treatment that caught my eye was G Skin’s signature facial, which is packaged on Deal Grocer with a Clear Skin Mask and Lightening Serum. Have I mentioned that everything is paraben-free? Ooh. Watch what happened during my visit:


Before anything else, can we talk about how elegant and clean the clinic looked? I really appreciated how they played soothing music on the premises and all throughout my treatment. This totally relaxed me.
Now, as I mentioned earlier, the products used in my G Skin Clinic treatment were paraben-free. Parabens are commonly-used preservatives found in most beauty products, and recent health studies have shown that they can actually be absorbed and metabolized in our system (yikes!). As a result, these chemicals could possibly lead to health risks such as increased skin-aging and DNA damage. In short: parabens = not safe, paraben-free = safe.
Let’s talk about my experience! The facial starts off with a deep organic extract cleansing using the Pevonia Botanica Facial Cleanser. I recommend coming to the clinic without any makeup to make the cleansing much less of a hassle.
Up next, my face underwent thorough skin exfoliation using the Pevonia Botanica Exfoliating Cleanser. This was followed by a steaming session to open up the pores and get them ready for the extraction.
On to the blackhead/whitehead removal! The skin specialist pricked my skin really, really gently to extract the sebum stuck inside. I felt no pain at all.
Once all my blackheads and whiteheads had been extracted, the Clear Skin Mask was applied to my face. I was told that this mask contains carrot and cypress essential oils. These are supposed to stimulate and energize the skin, which in turn creates an illuminating effect. We shall see!
As part of the package, an FDA-approved whitening and wrinkle lightening serum was applied to my skin. My specialist told me that it was developed to activate the natural capacity of the skin to renew and regenerate. Translation: out with the old skin, in with the new!

My favorite part had to be the Cryo Stamp Machine, which, to my understanding, chills the surface of the skin and helps circulation in order to make the serum absorb. This felt ice-cold and was incredibly rejuvenating!
To cap off the treatment, my specialist performed a relaxing facial lifting massage to keep my skin from sagging.

Here’s how my face looked right after just one session: So clean and bright! I love it! If you’re having a bad week and need a picker-upper, I would definitely recommend this G Skin treatment—it doesn’t disappoint. Just don’t wait too long, because this ongoing deal is until May 1 only. Get it right here.

G Skin Facial with Clear Skin Mask and Lightening Serum, P3,000
Current Deal on Deal Grocer: P800 click for details!

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