It’s ironic that with all the shiny bottles, jars, tubes, and tubs on our bathroom shelves, we still gravitate towards the old school. Don’t get us wrong—we’re the last people to turn away the latest in skincare, but there’s a reason we always go back to the classics. Take, for instance, this tub of Pond’s Washable Cold Cream. (Doesn’t that name bring back memories of your tween-hood?) We see it the same way we would a long-lost companion: with a comforting sense of familiarity (wrapped in brand-spankin’-new packaging).

However basic it is compared to fancy oils, nifty wipes, and ethereal cleansing waters, this cold cream offers the exact same thing: it can remove an entire face of makeup with no effort whatsoever. Have we mentioned that it’s the No. 1 of its kind in Japan?
The unique mixture of fats and water in the cream moisturizes, soothes, and softens the skin. The revamped formula even contains witch hazel extract, which tones your face and minimizes large pores. In short, it does the most. No wonder it hasn’t been dethroned after all these years!

Here are five ways to use this wonder cream, demonstrated in GIFs. You know how the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t replace it! Or something like that.


STEP 1: Take a generous glob of the cold cream and smear it over any kind of makeup—even waterproof makeup.
STEP 2: Gently work it in.
STEP 3: Once the makeup has been dissolved, wipe away the residue and rinse.


STEP 1: Massage the cream into your face using circular motions. STEP 2: Emulsify the cream with water and towel off.


STEP 1: Coat your face with an even layer of the cream. It can be as thin or as thick as you desire.
STEP 2: Wait ten minutes.
STEP 3: Wash it off.


STEP 1: For your face, a pea-sized amount will do (although those with oily or combination skin should use it as a nice cream, as it is too rich for those skin types as a day cream). For your body, use as much as you want!
STEP 2: Rub the cream over your elbows, knees, or even the soles of your feet. Allow it to sink in. This really helps get rid of dry and rough patches.


STEP 1: Distribute a thin layer over the area to be shaved.
STEP 2: Shave away!
So, are you a big Pond’s Cold Cream fan, too? And are there any new ways you use this classic cleanser? We’d love to know!

The Pond’s Washable Cold Cream is available on BeautyMNL for P499. Shop it right here!

Photos by Erika Gue and GIFs by Kat Echon