Having a cup of coffee is not just a routine to access our inner morning person. It’s the routine that lets us know we’re ALIVE. More than just making us real human again, though, coffee is also healthy—and current research is the perfect justification to our caffeine addiction.

It’s proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues and prevent premature aging, among other things. And just when you thought your cuppa was perfect on its own, Kaffea is endowing us with java that contains ingredients you’ve come to expect in a multivitamin. Initially, you might think Kaffea’s coffee was just like regular instant coffee. Unlike the usual 3-in-1 variety, however, it laces coffee with ingredients that promise even more health effects. In a cup you can expect iron and zinc among other vitamins and minerals, plus CoQ10, an antioxidant to protect the heart and other vital organs. With L-carnitine in the mix , you can also enjoy the effects of an increased metabolism. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s also infused with prettifying ingredients to enhance your overall appearance.

Additionally, Kaffee uses coconut sugar unlike most instant coffee mixes. This, as a result, makes its mix healthier. Coconut sugar contains less hexose than white sugar, which allows the liver to metabolize it without turning it to fat. A plus among us who like coffee with a touch of sweetness.

With all that Kaffea promises, of course, we had to make a mugful and try it ourselves. Our thoughts on this healthy coffee ahead!


The Kaffea Coffee is a crushed powder like most instant coffees punctuated with the tiny morsels of coconut sugar. The powder melts immediately upon contact with hot water and when mixed vigorously with a spoon. The result: just the right amount of creaminess with zero residue on the cup.


While the coffee has a weaker taste, it’s not as cloying as most instant coffee mixes. We actually think the taste is quite pleasant, especially to those of us who prefer coffee with milk or sugar. Also, it leaves no weird aftertaste or that icky powder coating on the tongue. It just tastes… well, pretty regular!


We’re positive the Kaffea Coffee won’t replace your multivitamin (come on!). However, it makes a welcome change to regular instant coffee. What it can offer after just one mug is a jolt of energy and the mental clarity to push through the post-lunch coma. It can also curb your appetite, provided it’s taken at the right time. Who knows, after a couple mugfuls of the Kaffea Coffee, you might observe all health effects a cup can promise you. Here’s to hoping!

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