I love matte lipstick—heck, I even co-created a line of colors for myself—but good ol’ gloss has its own charms. While mattes exude that trendy cool-girl vibe, glosses can knock a few years off your face and give our lips a flirty boost.
And I mean that literally, mind you! Recently, I got my hands on the SKIN LipAddict Anti-Aging Lip Tint, which promises to boost lip fullness in minutes. Gasp! The literature says it’s also formulated to enhance lip injection procedures (if you’ve ever had one of those). With main ingredients like peptides, dehydrated marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and organic moisturizing oils, this gloss is moisturizing enough that you won’t need balm underneath.
Now, as soon as you open the tube, you’ll detect a strong, minty smell. Spearmint is also found in this product, but not just for the scent—it stings the lips to make them swell. When I applied the gloss, I actually felt my lips tighten and contract! I was surprised, to say the least! (This is my first time to try a lip plumping product.)
That said, in less than five minutes, my lips did look slightly more pouty. Do prepare yourself an intense tingling sensation—it’s important to know what you’re in for before you apply it. Of course, the tingling and fragrance eventually faded after a few hours of wear—as did the lip-plumping action. What stays is the soft tint of color.

The shade I have is called 205 Sexy Seductress. It looks quite red in the tube but appears as a subtle pink once it’s on the lips. The tint is sheer. It has some obvious sparkles in it but they’re not dense enough to be super distracting.
Overall, I found the ISKIN LipAddict Anti-Aging Lip Tint to be an interesting find. I’d recommend it for those of you with thin or even mature lips, since it lends a helping hand in that department as well. The formula helps transform your lips by making them look less lined and instantly fuller. Yay!

The ISKIN LipAddict Anti-Aging Lip Tint was recently renamed to LipAddict Lip Plumper. This product is available on BeautyMNL (with brand-new packaging) for P2,000. Shop it here.

Photos by Liz Lanuzo