Given the global obsession surrounding K-Beauty, you can’t blame us for turning to South Korea for hints on the next big thing. After all, it hasn’t been long since we were gushing about routines behind the popular “glass skin” effect, or sharing tips on how to perfect the two-toned blurred lip. And now, as far as current trends and practices go, you can bet we’ve been keeping tabs on a couple that are expected to make waves in the scene.

One of them is clean beauty. While not exactly new, the movement is huge. In fact, SoKo’s cosmetic regulations are changing to support the reduction of harmful chemicals and testing on animals, which will be applicable to both big label and small brands.

Then there’s also the minimalist concept of “skip care”, which promotes simplified routines and concentrated products so you can get maximum results with less steps. And recently, the impression of “cream skin” has been making its way slowly not only as the supple finish on your face, but also as products that promise the very effect on your skin.
Enter Scentence Secret Bouquet Rose Waterdrop Hydrating Serum, the breakthrough serum we’re predicting for 2020. It hits a number of anticipated trends growing in SoKo, like its clean, naturally-derived base, its highly concentrated star ingredient (that’s both potent and gentle), and its cream skin feel it’ll leave your face with. In other words: you are in for a treat. Let’s get you two acquainted.


First, picture this: your skin looks healthy. There’s no sign of flaking skin or dullness in sight. Instead, you are beaming with an inner radiance, and your skin is moist. (That is to say, it is throughly moisturized.) But it’s less about the dewy shine and more along the lines of a natural, fresh-faced glow. All of which, you can thank a myriad of botanical extracts for, including the 80% damask rose water, apple water, and rose hip fruit oil.
Since rose water is known to balance the skin’s pH levels (among other things), it serves as great base for you to layer more hydrating steps in your routine. But even on its own, this supercharged rose water is richly nourishing and anti-inflammatory, naturally repairing the texture of your skin. If you’re dealing with redness, sensitivity, and areas that are rough to the touch, this should work double-time to address those concerns.

As for the apple water and rosehip oil, the two contain a wonderful blend of peptides (act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin) and essential fatty acids. These work together to cultivate healthy skin and promote regeneration, creating a luxurious experience with every use. Consistently slip this serum into your skincare regimen to impact the way your skin looks and feels.
For application, it’s pretty straightforward. Take an ample amount of product, around 1-2 pumps, and gently apply to the face after cleansing or toning, and after moisturizer and sunscreen. Pat the skin softly, allowing the product to sink in until fully absorbed. Start from the centre of the face, gradually moving outward and upward.

To make the most out of it, lightly exfoliate before using a serum to maximize its benefits, then work the serum in with a facial roller. Dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin can hinder absorption, and a facial roller can ensure it sinks in and speeds up the process.


Now that we’ve unveiled the Rose Waterdrop Hydrating Serum, we can’t let you go without sharing our thoughts after testing the product for ourselves. Here, we asked Tisha from the BeautyMNL office to talk about her experience with the serum over the course of one week. Catch all the details, below.
I have super sensitive, combination skin. Leaning towards dry, I think. I would apply this before I sleep at night. On the first day, it felt like it stung a bit on my cheeks, so I applied just a little bit. On the second day, it was better—it felt lightweight and non-greasy, and the stinging sensation wasn’t there anymore. I wasn’t sure if it was working though. It was only towards mid-week that I actually noticed the hydrating and brightening effect.”
“When I wake up in the morning,
my skin would feel lighter, like my skin isn’t so dry. And I was coming from a beach trip. But what I like about it the most is that it doesn’t smell so much. I’m very particular about scents, especially when I’m about to sleep because my skin is sensitive. Overall, it felt and smelled just right. My only tip is to try small dosages first and add more later when your skin is used to it.” - Tisha, 31

If you would like to give this a try, you can shop the Secret Bouquet Rose Waterdrop Hydrating Serum) for P1,500 a bottle. You can also discover more Scentence essentials right here!

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