So, you think you know your K-beauty? Pop quiz: what has the opacity of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss, and the staying power of a stain?

Here’s a hint:
What you’re looking at is Banila Co.’s Two Kisses Dual Tint. More than just your average stain, this new release bills itself a double-ended lippie. We like to think of it as a magic wand.
On one end, you get a sheer moisturizing emulsion. It provides a light wash of color with a featherlight texture. On the other end, you get a highly-pigmented water gel in a complementary shade. Its buildable formula can take your color from sheer to opaque.

Here’s the cool part. While both the emulsion and the gel wear beautifully on their own, you’ll need both to create that kissable K-drama pout (also known as the gradient lip).
Essentially, with just one tint, you get two lip products and three different lip looks. Here’s exactly how to use it!


STEP 1: Apply the emulsion all over your lips. This delivers a light and even layer of pigment.
You can wear the emulsion alone if you only want natural-looking color. Otherwise, move on to the next steps.

STEP 2: This is where you can choose your own adventure. To create a gradient effect, apply the gel tint to the center of your lips and blend outward.
STEP 3: If a bold pout is more of your preference, simply layer the gel all over your lips.
Ta-da! Now, on to the swatches.


01 Red Queen
THE COLOR: A bright poppy red.
02 Pink Princess
THE COLOR: A soft baby pink.
04 Bride Coral
THE COLOR: A sunny orange.
06 Autumn Rose
THE COLOR: A muted burgundy.
07 Flame Red
THE COLOR: A romantic rose-red.

So, which lip look are you going to try?

The Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tints are available on BeautyMNL for P695 each. Shop them right here!

Credits: Photos and GIFs by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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