The cat-eye is a quintessential cool-girl staple. Since time immemorial, beauty icons like Audrey Hepburn and Alexa Chung have adopted it as their signature look. But there’s just one problem: it’s a pain to put on. While there are plenty of helpful products out there, like ultra-thin liners and clean-up pens, nothing guarantees the perfect wing. That is, until now!
Say hello to the BeautyBlender Liner Designer Pro, a hack straight from the beauty gods. It might look just like a guitar pick, but this handy tool will give you the flick of your fantasies. Crafted in flexible silicone, the Liner Designer Pro acts as a stencil for crisp cat-eyes. You can use it with all types of eyeliners—felt-tip pens, intense gels, classic pencils, what-have-you. No steady hand necessary!


STEP 1: Rub the Liner Designer Pro in between your fingers to warm it up. This helps it adhere to your skin better. Do this for 10 to 15 seconds.
STEP 2: Place the pointed corner of the tool on the outer corner of your eye.
STEP 3: Use any eyeliner to trace along the edge of the tool.
STEP 4: Then, line your upper lid like you normally would.
STEP 5: Carefully remove the tool to reveal your work.
ME-OW! Wasn’t that easy?

The BeautyBlender Liner Designer Pro is available on BeautyMNL for P800. Shop it right here!

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