For most people, soap is nothing more than detergent for the skin. Wet, scrub, rinse, repeat. Think that’s boring? Well, think again—because castile soap is the bubbly plot twist you probably never knew you needed. It’s a far cry from the chalky white bar our lolas store next to their pumice stones. Fact: it’s named after a Spanish kingdom, which we’d argue is worthy of soap-royalty status. More on why you need castile soap in your life, below!


Soap is traditionally made by mixing animal oils or fats with sodium hydroxide. Not exactly the most appealing combination, is it? Castile soap, however, is made from vegetable oils. It’s usually a blend of coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil. Not only is this better for your skin, it’s good for the environment, too! And because the formula is super gentle, it’s safe for children and pets as well.


Who wants toxic chemicals on their body? Definitely not us! If you want to avoid chemical-filled soaps, castile soap is your best option. In addition to its default function as a top-to-toe wash, it can be used to clean dishes, sanitize your floor, keep bugs away from plants, and even replace shaving cream. The stuff’s natural, mild on skin, and eco-friendly. Need we say more?



With the help of castile soap experts Casa De Lorenzo, we’ve worked out what you should try first according to your needs. 1. Elemi Manila Castile Soap, P350 — Formulated with elemi essential oil, this soap is ideal as an anti-aging treatment and comprehensive cleanser. It’s also great for washing your dirty dishes, since elemi has antiseptic properties.

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2. Calamansi Castile Soap, P350 — Infused with invigorating calamansi, this soap is ideal as your morning facial wash. Its rich and fragrant lather awakens the skin, and its citrusy scent is made for the Filipino scent profile.

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3. Peppermint Castile Soap, P350 — Made with peppermint and Spanish olive oil, this ultra-moisturizing soap is great for dry, lackluster skin. You can even use it as a scalp rinse if you want your hair to smell fresher on non-shampoo days.

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4. Lavender Cleansing Castile Soap, P350 — If you need some aromatherapy, this soap is perhaps the most calming option. A blend of Spanish olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, it’s also laced with lavender for nerve-soothing, sleep-inducing effects.

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5. Ylang-ylang Castile Soap, P350 — Oily face? Oily scalp? Oily everywhere? This soap is made with sebum-controlling ylang-ylang to keep your shine in check. FYI, ylang-ylang has become one of the most internationally sought-after florals for its subtle, delicate scent. Get this if you want to smell special.

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