Thanks to all the dramas, girl groups, and hard-to-miss billboards, K-idols are fast becoming bigger players in the influencer game. Naturally, we can’t help but be thrilled when products already come with their seal of approval, as it makes recreating the looks we covet that much easier. After all, why settle for any ol’ thing when you can pick up something your ~bias~ wears herself?
When The Face Shop tapped miss A’s Suzy and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun as brand ambassadors in 2013, it was years before lip tints became the idol signature. But the charming pair embodied—and continue to—the very essence of K-beauty: glowing skin, bright eyes, and delightfully vivid lips. Looking at them, it’s hard not to go green with envy.
But don’t fret! We come bearing hacks. For the first two, you can always turn to 10-step skincare routines and peachy shadows to cop ‘em. But for the third? You have to go for The Face Shop’s beloved Watery Tints.

Hydrating, transfer-proof, and ultra pigmented, these tints are the secret to looking as effortlessly chic as your favorite drama heroines. Whether you want a full, red carpet-ready pout, or just a subtle, everyday wash of color, they’re super reliable—not to mention, a total steal at just P250 a tube. Sure, their K-pop ties are a cute bonus, but these are already pretty great for what they are. Look, we even swatched all six shades to show you!


Ayana in 01 Pink
THE COLOR: A cheeky pink.
Suzee in 02 Coral
THE COLOR: A bright peach.
Bea in 03 Orange
THE COLOR : An eye-catching tangerine.
Patty in 04 Red Lip
THE COLOR: A playful strawberry.
Alex in 05 Cherry Red
THE COLOR: A subtle wine.
Kim in 06 Rose Garden
THE COLOR: An everyday red.

The The Face Shop Watery Tints are available on BeautyMNL for P250 each. Shop them right here: 01 Pink, 02 Coral, 03 Orange, 04 Red Lip, 05 Cherry Red, 06 Rose Garden.

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