Nowadays, makeup sponges come in as many shapes and sizes as brushes—each one with a unique purpose. Some smooth over wide surfaces to create perfect-looking skin. Others target tiny crevices, like the inner corners of the eyes. But while many folks are willing find the space for a multitude of sponges, a lot of us just want one (the one).

Today, we’re introducing you to a possible match: the Ovo Beauty Sponge. Like it’s long-celebrated peer, the BeautyBlender, the Ovo is an invention of Hollywood makeup artists who wanted to make application as flawless as the end result. But that’s where the similarity ends. This porous applicator has a wedge tip and a rounded bottom edge, so it looks different from most other sponges. And because of its shape, it works for both large and tiny spaces of the face.
Design aside, the Ovo has a unique feel to it, as well. It’s neither too spongy nor too stiff—just right, if you will. The special latex-free, hypoallergenic material allows it to apply foundation or concealer softly and seamlessly, without absorbing too much product. The result: a superfine veil of product that looks very natural no matter how sheer or full the coverage.

In the demo below, see the Ovo get a girl’s base on!


STEP 1: Soak the sponge. Squeeze out any excess water.

STEP 2: Pump liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. Dip the rounded bottom of the sponge into the foundation.

STEP 3: Stamp the product over your face. Use a quick yet gentle patting motion to blend it in.

STEP 4: To apply concealer underneath the eyes, around the nose, and over the chin, use the wedge tip. Just dip it into your product of choice and stamp the product in. Repeat for extra coverage.

Ta-da! Nary a streak in sight—and all thanks to one fancy sponge.

The Ovo Beauty Sponge is available on BeautyMNL in 3 sizes: Small (P1,450), Medium (P1,550), and Large (P1,600). Shop it right here!

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