Scenario: you’re late, again, but you really need your face to be on point for an important event or presentation. You don’t have enough time for all the layers of base makeup required to be photogenic, budge-proof, and high coverage at the same time. What do you do?

As always, I’ve got a tip for you! This is a technique I’ve been testing for a while now and I am very happy with the results. My usual foundation routine is elaborate so I’m constantly experimenting with new ways to get my face done in the shortest amount of time. If you want to condense the steps of your liquid foundation, concealer, and setting powder, you only need three things: 1. Your favorite heavy coverage liquid foundation, such as Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation. 2. A powerful setting spray, such as Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. 3. A big, dense dome brush, such as the Morphe E1 Deluxe Powder Brush.

Now watch:

So, how does this work?

STEP 1: Dab your liquid foundation all over your face (no need to be neat!).
STEP 2: Spray generously with mist.
STEP 3: Blend everything down with the dense synthetic dome brush.

That’s it!

If you need extra coverage, apply more foundation in that area, spray it over, then blend it down with a smaller brush or even just your fingers.

The setting spray has polymers that bind the foundation to your skin so you don’t get a wet, easy-to-move layer of foundation. Instead, you get a base that will set and stay put for hours! The dome brush ensures that the finish is skin-like and completely even.
To mattify, you can always add an additional layer of powder. But if you want to maintain the silky, second-skin effect, skip the powder for a change. And that, my friends, is that.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Photos and video by Liz Lanuzo