Word of mouth can work wonders for a homegrown product—but with Déjà Poo, it was more like hundreds of hushed whispers. In the brief time it’s been on BeautyMNL, we’ve sold close to 7,000 bottles of this magic mist. A feat, considering this odor-fighting formula was designed for, you know, Number Two!
Déjà Poo’s Pre-Poo Sprays have grown so much in popularity, they made it into to our 2017 BeautyMNL Awards! And for good reason, too. Made with environmental-friendly essential oils, each mist masks foul odors so well, they’re pretty much cologne. The best part: all you really need is a few spritzes over your toilet water (pre-poo!) and you’re set. But just in case, here’s how to mask the deed, step by step!


STEP 1: Gently shake the bottle to properly mix the contents of the mist. STEP 2: Spritz 2 to 3 times above toilet water before taking your number 2. Then, if the odor persists, you can spritz again to cover up any lingering smell! Pretty easy, right? The sprays are available in 3 fragrance variants that will save you the embarrassment of filling a shared bathroom with…TMI. Check ‘em out below!


A light, peppermint-fresh scent. Shop the 60ml here and the 10ml here.


A warm, sweet, candy-like scent. Shop the 60ml here and the 10ml here.


A bright, zesty, citrus scent. Shop the 60ml here and the 10ml here.

So next time you’re down in the dumps, you’ll know what to do.

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