Every skincare junkie is secretly addicted to exfoliating. Don’t worry, we totally get it. Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction of rubbing away dead skin, it’s hard to stop (even when you should!). The good news is that gentle exfoliants exist. You can use ‘em as much as you like without worrying about, well, wounding yourself. Take the Skin Genie Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub as proof!

This scrub comes in the form of individual rectangular chunks. They look like Mallows, basically, but smell strongly of bubblegum. We love their unique shape and solid form because you’ll never have to deal with messy leaks and spills again.
Of course, the most important thing to note about this scrub is how gentle it is on the skin. Its formula includes natural rolled oats, which slough off dead skin without feeling abrasive. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Each Black Mallow is loaded with skin-loving ingredients—like forbidden rice for anti-aging, activated charcoal for oil control, and niacinamide for moisture. With just one use, you’ll already notice a difference in your skin texture.

Ready to get glowing? Follow this demo!


STEP 1: Dampen your skin.
STEP 2: Take one Black Mallow from the tub and break it in half. One piece will be used for your face and the other for your body.
STEP 3: Mix each chunk with water. Rub it between your palms until it breaks down into smaller pieces.
STEP 4: Once the chunk has broken down, massage the scrub over your face, arms, legs, and everywhere else you need to exfoliate. Use upward, circular motions.
STEP 5: Rinse off all the residue.


FEEL: This solid scrub is unlike any other we’ve ever used! The solo Black Mallows feel like chocolate crinkles when you press them between your fingers. When soaked in water, they break down into a crumbly paste. As soon as you massage this over your face or body, the powdery texture stimulates the skin. You can actually feel the dirt being lifted away from the surface!
EFFECT: Once the product is washed off, you’re left with softer, bouncier, baby-smooth skin. The scrub even has a slight brightening effect on tired complexions. Post-rinse, you’ll experience no dryness or irritation. It leaves the skin thoroughly moisturized, even without lotion! And yes, you’ll smell like bubblegum after. Yum.

The Skin Genie Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub for Face and Body is available on BeautyMNL for P450. Shop it right here!

Credits: Photos and GIFs by Carli Dagdag. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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