Surprise, surprise, Nadine Lustre superfans! The much buzzed-about collab between the 24-year-old Pinoy media darling and Australian makeup brand BYS is finally on BeautyMNL.
Lustrous takes inspiration straight from the beach: you can find the sea in its glittery blues, the sun in its warm coppers, and the tropics in its bright, flowery packaging. Naturally, when the collection landed in HQ last week, we couldn’t help but get hyped. We’ve always been total suckers for pretty little things—and if there’s anything to be said about Nadine’s first ever foray into cosmetics, it’s that it’s really darn cute.
So, spurred by all the lovely colors, we gave these products a spin to see if all that beautysphere chatter was onto something. We picked up the shimmery, sunset-toned Calypso Eyeshadow Palette; the mixed-finish Bronze and Highlight Palette; the vampy Vermillion Lip and Cheek Tint; the scene-stealing Sapphire Eyeliner Pencil; the lash-plumping black Mascara; and the dual-ended Brow Pencil. With so much to work with, the possibilities sprawl as far and wide as the ocean. Here’s just one Lustrous look to love!


For the base of this eye look, we used the lighter bronzer shade from the Bronze and Highlight Palette. On the lower half of the lid, we applied the shimmery copper shade from the Eyeshadow Palette, before blending out any harsh edges. Next, we swiped the metallic red shade from the same palette on the under eye area.
For eyeliner, we went with the Pencil in Sapphire. The sea foam blue is striking enough, so we opted for a simple and clean liner look with it. We topped it off with a few swipes of jet-black Mascara to bring it all together.
For brows, we used the Brow Pencil. We kept the brows natural by lightly filling in the sparse areas and combing through the hairs to blend the pigment in. OPTIONAL: Use concealer for a more defined brow look.

WHAT WE USED: Lustrous Bronze And Highlight Palette, P1,499, Lustrous Eyeshadow Palette in Calypso, P799, Lustrous Eyeliner Pencil in Sapphire, P199, Lustrous Mascara, P449, Lustrous Brow Pencil, P499

After applying base makeup, we picked up the Bronze and Highlight Palette to add subtle dimension to the look. We warmed up the face with the lighter bronzer shade, subtly chiseling out the features. Then, we brushed lavender highlight over the cheekbones. To finish it off, we applied pearl highlight on the nose bridge and cupid’s bow.

WHAT WE USED: Lustrous Bronze And Highlight Palette, P1,499

We went with barely there, wine-stained lips to complement, not overwhelm, the eyeshadow look. For this, we picked up the Lip and Cheek Tint in Vermillion, dabbing the pigment over the lips with our ring finger.

WHAT WE USED: Lustrous Lip and Cheek Tint in Vermillion, P399

So, what beachy look would you do with Lustrous?

The Lustrous by Nadine Lustre x BYS collection is now available on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here.

Photo of Nadine Lustre via Instagram (@jellyeugenio)

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