Whether it is the first of many or the only step in your skincare routine, cleansing is a non-negotiable. In fact, a current skincare trend suggests that you cleanse twice for good measure! We’re talking about double-cleansing, a method that involves exactly what it suggests. First, you use an oil-based cleanser to wash off makeup, excess oil, and dirt. Then, you use a foaming facial wash to cleanse away the most stubborn, deep-seated impurities. Say it with us now: double-cleansing. Double-cleansing is considered the norm in skincare capitals like Korea and Japan, but in the Philippines, it’s a relatively new concept (although we’re positive some of your friends are already into it). In our opinion, the best way to start is with a set, so we asked Banila Co., one of our favorite K-beauty brands, to hook us up.
They sent over their Clean It Zero Super Size Limited Edition Kit, which contains a huge tub of oil-based makeup balm (the Clean It Zero Super Size) and a rich cleansing foam (the Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser). According to our friends at Banila, this dynamic duo guarantees a squeaky-clean complexion. Sold!

Keep scrolling to watch me demonstrate the double-cleansing process with GIFs!


Scoop out some of the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm with the tiny spatula provided. You only need a thumbnail-sized amount—two thumbnails if you wear a lot of makeup. The balm has a sorbet-like texture and smells of strawberries. Without wetting your skin, apply the cleansing balm all over your face. Massage in upward, circular motions. Upon contact with your skin, the balm will transform into an oil. Once you have massaged every corner of your face, add a splash of water. This will emulsify the oil and give it a milky consistency. Keep massaging—this is when you will really feel the product working its cleansing power.

Rinse your face in preparation for the next step.


Squeeze a pea-sized amount of Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser onto your finger. Distribute the product by dabbing it all over your face. Massage your skin with your fingertips using upward, circular motions. This will produce a thick foam that should cover your entire face. Rinse your face again, then pat it down with a towel.


Squeaky-clean complexion: check! My skin felt like I’d just gotten a good, hard scrubbing but without the discomfort. You guys, I glowed like a freshly polished marble floor. The effect isn’t unheard of when it comes to quality cleansers, but the difference here is that my skin still felt soft and supple and moist instead of tight and dehydrated.

Initially, you’d think that cleansing twice is too much work—but at the end of a long day, it’s actually super satisfying. I went to sleep better at night knowing not one trace of gunk was fertilizing my pores. So for me, double-cleansing is almost like pimple-proofing—you’ve just got to try it to believe it!

The Clean It Zero Super Size Limited Edition Kit comes with (1) Clean It Zero Super Size (P1,250) and (1) FREE 30ml Foam Cleanser. The set is available on BeautyMNL for only P1,250 for a limited time only! Shop it right here.