Remember our butt transformation challenge? Last month, one of our friends took it on to improve her, er, physical assets. Inspired by Bret Contreras’ own living room-friendly routine, it centers on exercises using only resistance loop bands. The BeautyMNL team didn’t expect much of a difference in just 30 days—until, that is, the results came in (and boy, were we wrong). Let’s just say our friend’s backside has never looked perkier. Intrigued? Read on for the full details of her month-long journey, below! EDITOR’S NOTE: We kept our friend anonymous for her own personal reasons.


“Last year, because of work, late nights, and let’s bet honest, laziness, I didn’t work out regularly. While it was taking a toll on me physically and mentally, it was difficult to make working out a habit again. Which is exactly why I took on the challenge—it was the perfect way to kickstart a regular workout routine without burning out too quickly.

On the first two weeks of the program, my body was trembling during the workout and I took a ton of water breaks in between. While it was no doubt a battle, knowing it was only a 30-minute workout was enough motivation to keep me going. That, plus the way I felt post-workout: achy, totally drenched, yet fulfilled.”


“In the last two weeks, I finally (Finally!) felt myself progressing. I was using weightier resistance bands and took less breaks. But while the problems during the first weeks of the program subsided, new ones popped up in its place. My butt and thighs were always sore, which made it difficult to perform the workout well.

Although muscle pain was inevitable—what effective routine is without it?—it was manageable. By taking enough protein post-workout and a magnesium pill before dozing off (science says it helps, apparently), I was able to keep the worst of the aches at bay. Oh, and I made sure to stretch A LOT.”

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“While I don’t have a J.Lo booty, there’s more lift to my backside than a month ago. Besides the perks, I can also climb a flight of stairs and walk farther distances without feeling my legs turn into Jell-O. But the biggest difference? My mindset. Now, I want to work out everyday—something I didn’t expect to feel 30 days ago.

Since the challenge ended, I’ll probably ease back into another workout routine. But I’d recommend this to newbies, fitness buffs who’ve fallen off the bandwagon, or people who just want a better butt. Who knows, you might even want to do the challenge twice over—you know, just for good measure.”

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