EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember our friend Anku Chibb? Last month, she started a weight loss program that claims to help people lose up to one kilo per day. Made by Roarganics, this program centers on two superfoods, Barley Grass Powder and Green Coffee Extract, which is where it gets its name (BGC). We couldn’t imagine how such dramatic weight loss was possible—that is, until we got Anku’s results back. She has lost 20 pounds in just 4 weeks! Below, read about her experience with the Roarganics Weight Loss Package, as told to BeautyMNL.

The Roarganics Weight Loss Package is also available in a new package, the BGC Weight Loss Blend. Read more about it here! When I volunteered for the Roarganics program, I was at my lowest. Between sitting long hours and no exercise (plus, junk food), I gained an uncomfortable amount of weight.
So when I received my month’s supply of the BGC Instant Weight Loss Package, I was excited to get started. Little did I know that these powders would become my BFFs for the next four weeks.


STARTING WEIGHT: 85.2 kgs. /187.8 lbs.

Due to my work hours, I opted to drink my smoothies at 8AM, 12NN, 5PM, and lastly, at 9 or 10PM. Because I was only eating one full meal a day, I was expecting to have sugar withdrawals and major hunger pangs. But, surprisingly, I didn’t! The smoothies are filling and tasty. And during my most hectic hours, they were even more convenient than eating a regular food. I just threw my ingredients in a blender, and within seconds, my meal was ready.
After the first week, I lost 6 pounds without trying. (People even noticed!)


By the second week, I was surprised I didn’t crave any junk food or chocolates (my biggest weakness, by far). Instead, I looked forward to buying ingredients for my BGC smoothies and preparing them in my blender. I noticed, however, that the weight loss I experienced wasn’t as drastic. But, it didn’t matter—my tummy looked flatter and I felt lighter, too.

My social life did suffer a little, as I became that friend who didn’t drink and go out. But, truth be told, I was happy just drinking my smoothies. Who would’ve thought?


To be honest, my third week was tougher than most. I had to attend events, and saying no to food, alcohol, and ultimately, my friends was a challenge in and of itself. I drank soda water as my friends drank wine, “ate” my smoothies as my friends ate lavish meals.

But, this also made me realize how committed I was to the program—I was actually enjoying my weight loss journey! I even started working out 3 to 4 times a week, 30 to 40 minutes at a time. What helped, I think, was always keeping the weigh-in every morning in mind.


END WEIGHT: 75.7 kgs./166.8 lbs.

By the fourth and last week, I lost weight, fit into my clothes again, and felt more confident. All throughout my program, I stayed consistent with the diet and tried to fit in the occasional workout. And guess what? I lost a total of 9 kilos in 4 weeks! It was the easiest 9 kilos I lost.


So, would I do this, all over again? YES. While I will enjoy my well-deserved sushi and ramen, I’m going to continue having my BGC smoothies for breakfast and dinner. I might even take it to the next level by doing more intense workouts. To start as someone who was unmotivated and ate unhealthily, only to end up as someone who is eating clean and working out, I highly recommend the Roarganics BGC diet. I know I’m only going to get stronger and fitter from here on out!
The Roarganics BGC Instant Weight Loss Package, BGC Weight Loss Blend (1kg), and BGC Weight Loss Blend Trial Size (180g) are available on BeautyMNL for P2,550 (limited time only), P2,549 (limited time only), and P899, respectively. Shop them here, here, and here!

DISCLAIMER: Consult your physician before engaging in this diet.

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