Would you ever use your own blood to improve your skin texture? I never thought I would—but it’s a whole new world! I got to experience a skin-perfecting treatment that Kim Kardashian has been raving about: the “vampire facial,” clinically known as the Vampire Stomp Facial.
This painless procedure involves having your blood drawn and then injected back into your face to rejuvenate the skin, tighten pores, diminish scars, and get that forever-young glow. So weird, I know! Apparently, the platelet-rich plasma in our blood contains growth factors, and when reintroduced to the skin via microneedling, these growth factors bring about so many benefits. Watch the video to see how it all works!


To get my Vampire Stomp Facial, I visited Beautylosophy, located at Crescent Park Residences in BGC. I instantly fell in love with the place! The clinic is clean and cozy, and I got a lovely, rainy-day view of Burgos Circle just outside the window. Relaxing, soothing music was played throughout the clinic, which created a zen vibe.
I suggest going in sans makeup for this procedure. The prep work began with a thorough cleansing of my skin to remove makeup, dirt, and residue.
Next, numbing cream was spread all over my face and left to absorb for a good 45 minutes.
According to my Beautylosophy dermatologist, Dra. Manuel, it can take less time, depending on the pain threshold of the patient.
After 45 minutes, my face was once again cleansed. By this time, I couldn’t feel a thing!
Up next (drumroll, please), the blood extraction. My derma drew blood from my arm (not from my face). If you are like me and you hate getting blood extracted, you can easily request to have numbing cream applied to your arm at the same time as your face to lessen the pain. A baby needle was used on me since, apparently, I have small veins. (Yay!)
The extracted blood was then placed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells (RBC) from the platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is referred to as “the gold serum”—this is what would be injected back into my face! Basic pricking was also performed before proceeding to the Vampire Stomp Facial proper.
We finally got to the part where the PRP (the good stuff in my blood!) would make its way back to my face. This “reintroduction” into the skin was done using a microneedling device. The device has different settings, so it can be used for areas that need pore-refining or even areas that need whitening (like dark spots and scars).
This device punctures the skin using thread-like needles, which simultaneously injects the PRP, promoting collagen formation, improving pore condition, tightening the skin, and fading scars thanks to the growth factors I mentioned in the intro. I’m not exactly sure what these growth factors are called, but apparently, they’re magical.
During the microneedling, I did not feel much pain. It almost felt like I was getting my face scrubbed instead of injected by a bunch of tiny needles. This lasted a few minutes at most. And here’s what happened:
As you can see, I ended up with flushed skin. I felt no pain at all! My derma told me that I could actually reapply my makeup a short two hours after the facial if I had somewhere to go! But she also suggested that I leave the PRP on my skin for longer than that before washing it off with cold water. This would give me the best results the next day.

So, this is what my complexion looked like seven hours after the procedure:
No more redness! And the morning after, my skin felt plump and smooth to the touch. Rejuvenated? Tick that off, too!

My conclusion: Kim K. was right. The Vampire Stomp Facial is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re feeling a little fearless!

Dermatologist-Performed Painless Vampire Stomp Facial, P15,000

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