You might know pink Himalayan salt as a pantry staple. But did you know you can use it on your face, too? Yup! When used topically, Himalayan salt can improve hydration and help push out toxins. And unlike regular table salt, it is completely pure. So pure, you could even eat it straight from the Pakistani mountains it came from. (Not kidding!) While you can purchase many different products with Himalayan salt, I have one DIY product you can make at home—a face mist! Aside from its ultra-nourishing properties, this spritzer will keep you refreshed all day.

Now, follow this quick recipe to make your very own skin-loving face mist:



  • 1 to 3 drops of preferred essential oil

    STEP 1: Mix water with Himalayan salt and epsom salt until dissolved.
    STEP 2: Add essential oil (if using).
    STEP 3: Pour the mixture into an empty spray bottle.

    Spray it directly onto the skin and let dry.
    Or, spray it onto a cotton pad and use as a toner.
    The result: softer, smoother skin any time, anywhere!

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