Whether it’s triggered by an unhealthy diet, seasonal changes, chronic stress, or your family’s genetic pool, acne is so common nowadays that it’s easy to forget we’re meant to outgrow it. Instead of saying goodbye to the scourge of our teenage years, more and more people experience adult acne as a default state of being. And trust us, it takes a village (or at least an intensive skincare routine) to get rid of those painful bumps—especially when they appear all over your body. And when all else fails, it’s time to call in the experts.
To show you just how effective professional acne care can be, our friend Angelica volunteered as tribute for two special facials: one for the face and one for the back. We followed her to her appointment at the Taguig branch of Beautylosophy & Skin Club by MBM, where both anti-acne treatments were performed. Below, we detail exactly what happened on the day—and the results one week later.


Beautylosophy’s resident dermatologist Dr. Maan Rueda was the first to attend to Angelica’s zit-uation. Angelica’s skin type was determined to be combination (with oily and dry areas). After taking a close look, Dr. Maan asked Angelica to enumerate every step in her regular beauty routine. Dr. Maan then pointed out that Angelica’s choice of makeup and at-home acne remedies might be clogging her pores and irritating her skin. The solution to her acne was to keep her skin balanced (neither too oily nor too dry) by restoring it back to factory settings. According to Dr. Maan, this would be very possible for Angelica if she committed to a regularly scheduled facial and a simplified skincare routine. That routine should only include a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen with non-irritating ingredients. Apart from this, Dr. Maan also prescribed an over-the-counter topical medicine to speed up the healing process. For this review, Angelica opted to skip the topical medicine in order to give the facials a fair shot on their own.


THE DEAL: Back Facial, P1,950

Immediately after her consultation, Angelica was escorted to one of the private treatment rooms where she changed into a robe for her back facial. She was then asked to lie on her stomach and expose her back.

Beautylosophy’s back facial is designed to purify skin and calm inflamed “backne.” A hot steam is performed to soften the skin and relax the pore walls, making extraction a lot easier and less painful.
As soon as Angelica’s pores opened up, a therapist began pricking visible whiteheads and blackheads on her upper back, where a large concentration of comedones had formed.
Then, the area was cleansed and exfoliated with a gentle grainy scrub. This freed her pores of any deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells that weren’t removed during extraction. Angelica told us that she pretty much dozed off as the therapist scrubbed her down with massaging motions.
The ultra-cooling sensation of the decongestant gel mask that followed jolted her awake. This jelly-like substance is meant to bring down any redness and boost hydration of the treated skin.
After the mask had partially dried, Angelica’s back was wiped clean and a dollop of moisturizer was brushed on to keep the skin from getting dehydrated.


THE DEAL: Acne Surgery, P1,865

As soon as the back facial was over, Angelica was asked to turn over for her facial treatment. Beautylosophy’s Acne Surgery is a gentle facial that deeply cleanses congested pores, eliminates bacteria, and dries up acne. Don’t be intimidated by the “surgery” in the name—more on that later.

To start, Angelica’s therapist wiped a thin layer of cleansing milk all over her face to make sure she was completely makeup-free. (Tip: To shorten the prep time, try to come to your appointment bare-faced.) Then, a moisturizer was massaged into her skin to keep it from drying out during the facial steam.

Now, back to this “surgery” business—basically, it’s just a technical term for thorough comedone extraction, performed by none other than Dr. Maan herself. Taking over from the therapist, Dr. Maan used a microblade to gently nick every blackhead, whitehead, and pimple on Angelica’s forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Then, once everything was open for business, she nudged out the gunk and wiped it clean. Yes, it was a little gross, but if you’re a pimple popper, you’ll definitely find this step super satisfying!
FYI, Beautylosophy also offers pimple injections for cystic acne (you can read more about them here) during its Acne Surgery. In Angelica’s case, no injections were needed since she had mostly blackheads and clogged pores, not inflamed pimples with juicy pus begging to be popped. (Sorry, too graphic?)
Finally, post-surgery, a collagen mask was applied all over Angelica’s face. This is meant to tighten the pores and restore lost moisture, thus keeping the skin balanced.
So, did these facials work? See for yourself!




ANGELICA: It has been a week since my appointment; so far, the acne on my cheeks and forehead have noticeably flattened. My skin became more taut and hydrated, too, which may be partly because I finally started using sunblock and moisturizer as prescribed by my derma. Thankfully, I didn’t have a major breakout—save for a tiny pimple when I had my period. I think the back facial was great in making my skin super clean and fresh. Although, I can still feel a few new zits and see the marks of the old ones. One session was probably not enough to get the dramatic result that I was looking for. Nonetheless, I would still try both procedures again as an occasional pick-me-up when I’m stressed and just need some skin rejuvenation. If you really want to clear up your skin, I suggest doing it more regularly!

Try ‘em for yourself!


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LANDLINE: (02) 869 7492
MOBILE: (0917) 533 7546
E-MAIL ADDRESS: thedoctorsbeautylosophy@gmail.com
OPERATING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday, 12NN-8PM (Last appointment will be at 7PM)

Photos by Aion Bato

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