We rely on makeup to help us look fresh and flawless. Oh, and natural, too (don’t forget natural!). Sadly, that’s easier said than done. Use the wrong formula, and your handiwork will look like a caked-on mask instead of the nearly undetectable second skin you wanted it to be. That’s because proper skincare plays just as important a role in looking smooth, clear, and polished as finding the right shade of foundation. Many times, folks just don’t have time for both. If that sounds like your life, we’d suggest a skin tint. Introduced to the BeautyMNL team just a few months ago, skin tints are similar to tinted moisturizers in that they offer sheer yet buildable coverage. The difference is that skin tints are designed to actually mimic the tone and texture of your complexion instead of simply camouflaging it!

Alerted to our fascination with this new kind of foundation, our friends at Pixi by Petra were kind enough to send over their very own skin tint line for review. The H2O Skintint combines skin care and makeup in one convenient (and very pretty) tube. A weightless, gel-based formula, this tint offers light-to-medium coverage that can quickly perfect uneven skin tones. It’s also infused with English chamomile and lavender to calm down angry skin. Well, well, well! To test it out, we got three brave girls from the office go completely barefaced. Check out the before-and-after below:

Erika wears the shade Cream.
Dani wears the shade Nude. Bea wears the shade Warm.


COVERAGE: The H2O Skintint certainly masks large pores and corrects uneven pigmentation like redness around the nose and bluish tones under the eyes. It also gives the skin a soft, pillowy appearance. It looks really natural and allows your own skin to shine through! Having said that, it does have a sheer formula (as do most skin tints) that builds up to a medium. If you have active breakouts, prominent scars, or very dark under-eye circles, go for something with fuller coverage.

SKINCARE ELEMENT: This formula is gel-based, so it has a lightweight feel to it as well as a nice cooling effect once applied. It really does feel like there’s skincare in it, because it blends more fluidly than a regular liquid foundation. According to our research, the skin tint not only helps cover up problem areas on the spot—it’s also supposed to protect your skin over time with the antioxidants in the mix.

WEAR & FEEL: The skin tint produced a fresh, natural finish. It’s not a full matte, but it doesn’t look greasy at all. Again, it’s designed to mimic and enhance the best elements of your skin so that the end result looks like a second skin. It feels as though you’re wearing nothing on your face, and if you have dry to normal skin, it will last for several hours without touchups. If you have oily or combination skin, though, the airbrush finish fades more quickly into a luminous sheen—but it still looks great!

The Pixi by Petra H2O Skintint (P1,190) is available in three shades on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here.