I’ve had loads of facials and peels done before. And to be honest, every time I try a new kind, all the while I’m thinking that it’s going to be like the usual. Well, today I stand corrected. Recently, I was lucky enough to try a super interesting and unusual facial treatment at DermHQ. It’s called the Carbon Peel Laser, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I mean, come on, just look at the color! Let me explain what happened below.


As soon as I got to DermHQ’s Clinic in Makati, I was led to a washroom and asked to cleanse my face using a gentle cleanser. It was an Avéne cleanser, one of my go-tos, so I had no apprehensions. Tip: To save on prep time, I suggest coming to your appointment without any makeup if you can!
After I was done washing my face, my dermatologist brought me to my treatment room and had me lie down on the bed. There was inspirational writing on the ceiling and even a TV in there!

Next, my derma brought out the stick of carbon that would be used for my treatment. Apparently, aesthetic carbon comes in many forms, but DermHQ prefers “lipstick-type” carbon for easier application on the face. (So smart!) According to my derma, carbon works by controlling excess sebum and removing buildup in order to shrink the pores. I have visible pores, especially on the cheeks, which makes this treatment perfect for me.
My derma swiped the carbon stick all over my face until it looked like my skin was covered in a black mask. Then, it was time to get zapped by laser beams!
DermHQ uses the Harmony XL Q-switched NdYAG for this step. This machine targets the skin with laser light, which then activates the carbon. As soon as the carbon is activated and peeled away, it carries with it every speck of dead skin, dirt, and dried-up oil that are enlarging your pores and roughing up your skin. How cool, right?
At this point, I bet you want to ask me about the pain level. I would describe what I felt during the entire session as tiny rubber band stings. It also made me a little ticklish at some point! The stings were absolutely tolerable for me—but then again, it all depends on one’s pain tolerance. (I have a pretty low tolerance, FYI.)
At the end of the Carbon Laser Peel, my skin looked noticeably cleaner, felt super soft all over, and had less visible texture. Because of how effective the carbon + laser combo was at removing the contents of my pores, those craters really shrank in size! I could tell just by rubbing my fingers over them that they had gotten smaller.
Again, this is ideal for people with oily, acne-prone skin who deal with blemishes and large pores. If that sounds like you, this is definitely an interesting find. You don’t want to miss it, guys!

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