We often wax poetic about the bacteria-banishing properties of apple cider vinegar. Not many all-natural ingredients can boast the same level of efficacy as this fast-acting antiviral and, if you deal with any sort of acne, it may just be the answer to your prayers. That’s certainly been the case for hundreds of customers. And if their glowing reviews are anything to go by, there’s one ACV-powered product that seems to have made a lasting impression:
Skin Genie’s Apple Cider Vinegar Soap may look like any ‘ol regular bar of soap, but its performance is far from modest. Formulated for both facial and body use, this bestseller is known to wipe out pimples, clarify pores, and fight overall inflammation. Basically, it comes with all the benefits you’d expect from ACV. But beyond that, it’s also enhanced with a host of other botanical ingredients—malunggay extract, for one—that elevate its skin-nourishing properties even further. Skincare doesn’t get any simpler than this.
If you plan on copping this P120 miracle-workers for yourself, here’s a quick how-to on the best way to use it.


STEP 1: Run the bar of soap under water and lather up some foam with your hands. STEP 2: Once you’ve gathered up a handful of foam, apply it onto wet skin and massage in gentle circular motions using the pads of your fingertips. STEP 3: Rinse with cold water.
For body, simply apply it in the shower the same way you would use a regular bar of soap.

Since ACV contains natural AHA acids, it can sometimes be drying on delicate skin. Don’t forget to moisturizer after!

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