A successful attempt at no-makeup makeup can be the most elusive thing. It’s basic in theory yet shockingly difficult to pull off. But here’s a not-so-little secret: like any makeup look, the I-woke-up-like-this illusion is all about that base.

We’re not talking about an airbrushed finish—save that for your #InstagramBaddie days. No-makeup makeup calls for a sheer tint that evens out the skin without masking your natural complexion. You’re supposed to look makeup-less but still better than fresh-outta-bed. And we think we’ve found the answer—at least, for summer.
The Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock by V&M is what we’d call a triple-threat. It enhances like a skin tint, nourishes like a moisturizer, and protects like a sunscreen (because it is a sunscreen). So, besides creating that crucial skin-like finish, it eliminates two extra steps in your beauty routine. Why wouldn’t you want this? Really, all that’s missing is a swipe of browcara and an MLBB. Poof! You’re good to go.
In terms of application, this tinted sunblock applies exactly like liquid foundation. But since the formula is light as a feather, you won’t need a sponge or a brush—just your fingers. Watch and learn.


STEP 1: Dispense a pea-sized dollop of tinted sunblock.
STEP 2: Dot it over your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.
STEP 3: Using your fingertips, work the product into your skin until you get an even layer.
Make sure to blend everything so no streaks or harsh edges are discernible. From here, you can groom your brows and add a dash of color.
Not bad, right? With this trick, you’ll be wearing SPF 30 and stunning ‘em all with your no-filter freshness. No-makeup makeup: unlocked!

The V&M Naturals Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF 30 is available on BeautyMNL for P580. Shop it right here!

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