Since the Fountain of Youth first appeared in the writings of Herodotus, the world has been obsessed with the idea of immortality. Now, we’re sensible girls—the stuff of legend holds no sway over us. But alert us to the existence of an actual, tactile ingredient that can slow the process of aging, and we’ll be on it in a hot second.
Curb your enthusiasm—we’re just talking skincare here. But they say the face and neck are the first to go, so really, you’ll have to address sagging, creasing, and age spots to look #ForeverYoung.

Remember this name: Pro-Xylane. It’s a concentrate that was developed for years in the labs of L’Oréal Paris with one end goal in mind: total skin quality transformation. Hailed a “triple-action” ingredient, Pro-Xylane functions in the following ways:

  • It resurfaces the skin to blur wrinkles and large pores
  • It corrects uneven tone for a more homogenous complexion
  • It replumps sagging, weakened contours for a supple, bouncy look
    And it’s on the market! Pro-Xylane is the active ingredient in the anti-aging Revitalift Laser X3 Line—which intrigues us so much because it mirrors the meticulousness of a Korean skincare routine.

    There are 6 steps to the Revitalift regimen, some of which involve products we’ve never heard of before. Exciting! We walk you through the entire process, below.


This toning water should be applied on the face immediately after cleansing. It’s a clear, viscous formula that has the consistency of a toner and a beauty oil combined.
Immediate effects: Softer, smoother, more tender skin texture.
Long-term effects: Reduced lines and wrinkles. Plumper, bouncier skin.

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This cream-based serum should be applied on the face and neck after toning with the power water. It’s a rich, eggshell-colored formula that blends in quickly despite its gloopy consistency.
Immediate effects: Dramatically refined pores and fine lines.
Long-term effects: Smoother, plumper skin and diminished wrinkles.

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This multi-tasking, corrective sun protector boasts of SPF 27 and is designed for daily use in the city. It should be applied before day cream to let the SPF absorb. Slightly denser than the serum, this formula has a melon tint to it but blends into the skin without leaving a cast.
Immediate effects: Radiant, even complexion and softened lines.
Long-term effects: Reduced dark spots, diminished wrinkles, and homogenous skin tone.

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This replenishing moisturizer is meant for use in the mornings, following SPF. It’s a cream that shares the same eggshell color as the serum, and it instantly hydrates skin upon application. (NOTE: Step 4 is interchangeable with Step 5, depending on the time of day.)
Immediate effects: Smooth, nourished skin and less visible pores.
Long-term effects: Improved skin elasticity, diminished wrinkles, and minimized pores.

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This opulent, dual-purpose cream serves two functions: it’s an evening moisturizer and a sleeping mask in one! The formula is pure white in color, with the consistency of panna cotta. It will leave a white cast upon initial application, but this will absorb in time. (NOTE: Step 5 is interchangeable with Step 4, depending on the time of day.)
Immediate effects: Deeply hydrated skin when you go to sleep, smoother complexion when you wake up.
Long-term effects: Firmer skin, stronger moisture barrier, and refined wrinkles and pores.

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This lightweight eye treatment should be applied underneath and around the eyes after day cream/night cream. The cream is a translucent white and applies cool, thanks to its unique metal applicator.
Immediate effects: Moisturized and tonified under-eyes and a wide-awake look.
Long-term effects: Reduced fine lines and crow’s feet, less puffiness, and plumper eye contours.

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