Maintaining a consistent bedtime routine may help regulate our sleep cycle, but when a restless night happens despite our best efforts… Well, we’re just grateful for the option of damage control. Whether that means concealer, eye cream, or a cube of ice, we love shortcuts that can refresh us by morning. We trust them to give us that much-needed self-esteem boost when we’re feeling worse for wear.

Lately, we’ve been turning to facial tools to get that glow. An at-home morning massage is one of the fastest ways to get rid of signs of sleeplessness: puffy skin, darker under-eyes, and a dull complexion being the most common and visible. The Anna Perri Beauty face sculptor is unique in our collection for its face-firming settings, which make it even easier for us to fake our beauty sleep when we need to.


It’s plated with gold for a luxurious touch, so it makes the simple act of facial massaging feel special. It comes with 7 pulse settings in 600Hz vibrations, which quickly reduce puffiness, firm up skin, and smoothen over fine lines and wrinkles with continued use. You can cycle through the different settings to find what’s most comfortable for your skin, making it a highly customizable experience. When activated, this massager produces a natural current similar to the body, which helps perk up skin upon contact.

Like with other facial tools, the Anna Perri face sculptor is best used with serums, oils, creams, and other skin-nourishing formulas, as it can massage products into the skin, making them absorb better. Hydrating products can also help the sculptor to smoothly glide over skin, minimizing any unnecessary pulling or tugging.

The Anna Perri Beauty 24K Gold Face Sculptor is exclusively available on BeautyMNL for P1,180 (limited time only). Shop it here. For more on this brand, click here.


Of course, all that gold means nothing if they don’t also come with results. Sometimes a massage is just nice to have, but we’re only willing to give up time for it on busy mornings if it means an instant skin fix. So, can this shiny tool actually come to the rescue the morning after a rough night?

Friend of BeautyMNL and former Bloom contributor, Rosanna, tried it out so you can see for yourself if it makes a difference. Here’s what it did for her:

“I prefer the first or second setting for my under-eyes, as they’re more gentle and I don’t want to irritate the delicate skin on that area. I noticed that my skin looks much brighter when I use it in the morning. It definitely acts like a pick-me-up for my eyes, and I think it really shows in how much lighter and less tired they look.” —Rosanna


Being us, we love using beauty tools as much as we can. We find them easy enough to integrate into our skincare routines, without compromising on efficiency. The Anna Perri face sculptor promises so many benefits, Rosanna used it every night for 10 nights to see if consistent use means consistent improvement, too:

“I loved it. It felt very soothing and luxurious, like having a spa day with the push of a button. I’m sure I’ll continue to use it, as it’s nice to look forward to at the end of a long day. While I didn’t notice any ‘contouring’ effect, my skin definitely looked perkier in the morning. Such a treat. I’m sure anyone who’s already using crystal rollers would appreciate this. It’s a good upgrade, and just as easy to use.” —Rosanna

For half of those nights, Rosanna paired the tool with a sheet mask to make the process extra soothing for her skin. She used the VT Cosmetics Cica Mask Sheet for this trial, which contains antioxidant-rich cica (a.k.a. centella asiatica extract) as its main ingredient. The active is known to speed up skin recovery and reduce inflammation, so it’s present in many calming formulations.

“As nice as it was to use the sculptor with just my oils and serums, I especially liked using it with a sheet mask. I could really feel the difference in how the product would absorb into my skin. They paired well together. Since the sculptor already had a cooling sensation, it felt even more refreshing when I would use it over the mask.” —Rosanna

The VT Cosmetics Cica Mask Sheet is exclusively available on BeautyMNL for P188. Shop it here. To browse other VT Cosmetics products, click here.

We’re big believers in making a ritual out of skincare, and this golden face sculptor fits right into this vision. While it’s no cure for persistent sleeplessness, treating ourselves to something relaxing before bed certainly helps. And when it doesn’t work? Well, good thing it’s there for us in the morning, too.

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