Glowing, radiant skin is something we’ll never stop obsessing over. And as much as we love makeup, no amount of highlighter beats a naturally bright complexion. The bad news: not everyone has the time for an extensive skincare routine. But the good news? You don’t need it! With Happy Skin’s new Sakura Bloom collection, all it takes is two easy steps.
At first glance, the products involved in this two-step routine look just like any other, albeit in pretty pink bottles. But take a closer look at their ingredients and you’ll see exactly what makes this duo tick!

First, they’re loaded with Sakura (AKA cherry blossom) extract. Hailing from Japan, this secret ingredient works wonders. It locks in moisture and visibly brightens pigmentation over time. So, while the flower itself is a seasonal bloom, this sakura-laced line lets you experience the magic all year round.
But it doesn’t end there! Besides their flower power, these brightening products also contain galactomyces. In case you didn’t know, this fermented ingredient is commonly found in Korean formulas. And there’s a reason why it’s so popular—galactomyces is a powerhouse when it comes to boosting glow. It enhances tone, erases dark spots, and even fights wrinkles to give you bouncier skin.

In a nutshell, these Happy Skin products combine the best of Japanese and Korean skincare—and they’re specially designed for Filipina skin. Now, the only question remains: how exactly do you use ‘em?


WHAT WE USED: Happy Skin Sakura Bloom Brightening Peeling Gel, P799. Shop it here!
The first step to glowing skin is making sure it’s spotless. That’s where the Sakura Bloom Brightening Peeling Gel comes in. Made with delicate gel-type particles, this gentle formula lifts away dead cells to reveal brighter skin underneath. You can actually see the grime balling up on your fingers! And since it doesn’t use any abrasive ingredients, it won’t irritate sensitive skin.
HOW TO USE: First, dispense 2 to 3 pumps of product. Then, on dry skin, massage it all over your face using upward, circular motions. Gently work in the product for a few minutes until all traces of dirt have disappeared. Rinse off the residue with lukewarm water.


WHAT WE USED: Happy Skin Sakura Bloom Hydrating Skin Booster, P799. Shop it here!

Now that you’ve buffed away any surface dullness, it’s time for a moisture-boost. This calls for the Sakura Bloom Hydrating Skin Booster. It’s an ultra-fine mist that nourishes dull skin. One spritz is equal to a surge of fast-absorbing moisture. It also cools the skin and lends the face an instant glow. Have we mentioned it’s made in Korea?
HOW TO USE: For a quick moisture boost, hold the bottle at half an arms length away. Spray your face evenly from all sides. Then, gently pat in the product until it’s fully absorbed.
Now, this is a one-two step anyone can do.

The Happy Skin Sakura Bloom collection is available on BeautyMNL. Shop the Peeling Gel here and the Skin Booster here.

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