A good cleanser is the foundation of any effective skincare routine. Until you rinse out all the bad stuff, none of the good stuff in your fancy products can get in! Basically, to ensure your skin stays receptive, you’ve got to stock up on a solid face wash.
As the market for must-have cleansers diversifies, so do their ingredients lists. You’ll see what we mean as we take you through our list below. These 5 gentle cleansers are all by Esfolio and all infused with the unexpected. Will it be egg, ginseng, milk, ash, or just plain aloe today?

TRY: Esfolio Pure Skin Egg Cleansing Foam, P359

If you deal with repeat breakouts, nip them in the bud with an anti-inflammatory cleanser. This bubbly formula is made with egg yolk extract, a known skin-reliever. Rich in lecithin and retinols, it soothes troubled skin and lifts away debris for a deeper cleanse. Pimples don’t stand a chance!

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TRY: Esfolio Red Ginseng Cleansing Foam, P299

Makeup can only do so much to hide tired, lackluster skin. To bring life back to your complexion, lather up with this fermented cleanser. It’s fortified with panax root extracts, which remove toxins from the skin and brighten overall tone. Commonly found in anti-aging formulas, red ginseng also boosts total skin health for youthful clarity and glow.

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TRY: Esfolio Pure Skin Milk Cleansing Foam, P359

Nourishing dry skin doesn’t hinge on moisturizer alone. For more visible results, switch out your harsh facial foam for this creamy milk formula. It contains milk protein extracts, which are meant to feed the skin and maintain its natural moisture balance. Unlike many other cleansers, this one gives you a deep cleanse without stripping away moisture. Remember, you want to keep dry skin clean but never let it get squeaky.

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TRY: Esfolio Pure Skin Volcanic Ash Cleansing Foam, P359

Too much oil and giant pores often come hand in hand. To target both, go for a cleanser infused with volcanic ash (or clay). This one draws out deep-seated dirt to decongest your pores and subsequently tighten them. (When pores are empty, they shrink!) This keeps pimples from forming oh-so-stealthily under the skin. By maintaining a good oil-moisture balance, it also lessens the production of excess sebum. Hello, poreless perfection!

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TRY: Esfolio Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam, P349

Summer time = tanning time. But as therapeutic as it may be to bask under the sun, too much UV exposure causes great damage to your skin. Our advice: beat the burn with this aloe-infused foam. It contains aloe barbadensis leaf extract, which relieves swelling, cools sunburn, and keeps peeling under wraps. A must-have for any island girl’s kit!

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Have you tried any weird cleansers lately?

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