I’ve tested a LOT of strange products in my quest for clear skin, but I have to say, never in my life have I ever used cocoon silk. Have you ever tried using cocoon-sourced silk to clean up clogged pores? If not, you need to check this out:
Nope, those aren’t thimbles. They’re the Blackhead Silk Finger Balls by COSRX! These finger puppet look-alikes are made with 100% silk and the protein sericin, both sourced from cocoon material. They’re designed to be worn over your fingertips (like little hats) and gently rubbed over blackhead/whitehead-congested areas. This should exfoliate the dirt and dried-up sebum away.
Here’s a quick demo and my first impressions!


STEP 1: Soak the balls in warm water for two to three minutes. Doing so will soften the material and make it feel less abrasive on the skin. (There are 12 balls in each pack—I soaked 10 for the sake of being thorough, but feel free to use just two at a time).
STEP 2: While the balls are soaking, cleanse your face. Make sure you remove all your makeup before the exfoliation begins.
STEP 3: Wear the balls. By that I mean insert your fingertips into them until you get a snug fit.
STEP 4: Gently rub the blackhead/whitehead-ridden parts of your face with the balls. Each “thimble” is textured so that dead skin and dried sebum will cling to its surface.


I was impressed because after a few strokes over my face, especially over my oily T-Zone, the clean white balls started to look dirty! They got soiled while getting out a whole lot of gunk from my face. (Ew!)

Looking up close, I was also able to see that the balls removed a very prominent whitehead that had been annoying me. How awesome is that?
Something to note: initially, my skin got a bit red after the exfoliation. The exfoliation was basically super thorough and got rid of a lot of dirt (even on a newly washed face!). The redness makes sense because the exfoliation was physical rather than chemical. The good news is that the redness eventually subsided, and my face didn’t hurt.

One thing I also noticed is the scent of these finger balls. They smell really natural, not scented, since they’re made of raw cocoon silk. Love it!
So, would I try ‘em again? OH, YES. I think these finger balls create a fun, new way to exfoliate the face, and I’m all about keeping skincare entertaining. Test them out for yourself!

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Photos and video by Say Artillero

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