Quarantine snacking is a real thing. Since the kitchen is just a few steps away, it’s easy to reach for something to munch on when you’ve spent hours working on your desk. And yes, Netflix and Youtube marathons are best enjoyed with a snack or two on hand.

After all, it’s easy to seek comfort through food—especially at times of change uncertainty. Since staying indoors is also about keeping our health in check, what you eat plays an essential part. This includes smarter snacking choices.

Enter Made by Maxine. This nut butter brand is known for its wholesome, delicious nut-based spreads, using healthy ingredients to create an exciting range of flavors. Their unique concoctions use a variety of nuts (cashew, almond, and hazelnut) as well as ingredients like cinnamon, chia seeds, cacao nibs, and more.

It’s safe to say that Made by Maxine isn’t your typical peanut butter.

Maybe we’re a little biased here, but who doesn’t love a dose of healthy fats and protein, in the form of yummy, nutty goodness? This is a major key to smart snacking, as it will keep us full throughout the day.

Our customers are huge fans, too. Overall, Made by Maxine’s products have racked up hundreds of reviews from satisfied snackers. Here are their eight top-rated nut butters, and some words of love from the customers who’ve enjoyed them the most.

Roasted Almond Butter (225g), P360

Michelle, 34: “This plain roasted almond butter is so tasty and nutritious, you have to be careful not to finish the whole bottle in one sitting! I add this to my oats in the morning, and I am addicted. Plus, I love the texture, which is not completely smooth and creamy. This is not sweet, so for those who are used to sugary spreads, give it a try. Let your taste buds get used to the sugarless taste, and I swear you will be a convert before long. The shelf life is pretty long, 10 months, so you can stock up as much as you want. I used to always buy plain roasted almonds but for some reason, my usual supplier has stopped stocking in the supermarket. This has been a perfect alternative to get the same benefits from almonds. Perfect pairing with your bananas, oats, toast, and even great for baking.”

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Extra Dark Cacao Almond Butter (225g), P350

Sonia, 30: “I never would’ve thought that almonds and cacao could go perfectly well together! Good thing I stumbled upon this product whilst searching for a healthier nut butter. It tastes sooo good, not to mention the texture is really smooth. You can easily incorporate this into your baking or even eat it on its own! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a much healthier version of nut butter with a cacao twist.”

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Cacao Hazelnut Almond Butter (225g), P360

Pia, 34: “Now this is a ‘healthier substitute’ that doesn’t disappoint. The taste reminds me of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. Half a teaspoon of this helps curb my cravings for sweets while giving me a dose of energy and healthy fats. I love eating these nut butters alone or as a topping on apples or bananas.”

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Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter (225g), P350

DK, 29: “I usually buy the Extra Dark Cacao and Cacao Hazelnut variants because I’m a huge chocolate lover. But I bought the Cinnamon Vanilla flavor just to spice things up and was not disappointed! The taste and aroma reminds me of warm cinnamon rolls, and it was such a joy to spread on my breakfast toast, especially when paired with apple jam and coffee. (Just make sure to stir the oils that’s separated from the mixture before indulging!) The almond bits add a lil’ crunch that people who prefer crunchy nut butter spreads will surely enjoy. And the best thing about this is that this nut butter spread is a much healthier treat for breakfast than cinnamon rolls. I can imagine this working well as an added source of protein, fiber, and yummy flavor in smoothies, yogurts, and overnight oats. Needless to say, I’ve finished the entire jar in less than three weeks.”

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Chia Almond Butter (225g), P360

Guinevere, 28: “I love how this is both crunchy and buttery at the same time. The crunch is due to the chia seeds—they are very generous with chia seeds, as every spoonful has the same crunchiness to it. The almond butter is also very yummy and addictive. No artificial taste or whatever. Would love to order again!”

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Roasted Cashew Butter (225g), P360

Jo, 34: “I went on a (almost) no sugar diet before getting married. Being a huge nut lover, I was not able to take out sweet nut butters from my diet until Made by Maxine!!! This is my first bottle but it will definitely be a regular in my pantry. It has a strong cashew taste, which is a plus for me since my cashews are my favorite nuts. It’s also very fragrant, with a perfect level of toastiness. You won’t miss the sugar at all.”

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Vanilla Cashew Butter (225g), P350

Klaudine, 27: “I bought this spread for my mom, who has many dietary restrictions (refined sugar, dairy, preservatives, etc.) because she has cancer. I love how all the ingredients are organic, cancer-friendly, and most importantly, tasty! The flavor is full and not bland at all. This will definitely become a regular in our selection of healthy finds.”

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Crunchy Cacao Cashew Butter (225g), P350

Melissa, 34: “Yum yum yum! I used to eat crunchy peanut butter as a snack all the time, but somehow I lost the taste for it over the years. I was initially a little skeptical over how the cashew would taste, but it provides the perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness (with added crunch) to the nut butter. The cacao nibs were also a pleasant surprise to the tastebuds. I brought the jar to the office for sharing and it was demolished within two weeks. A great guilt-free snack alternative!”

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Check out Made by Maxine’s entire lineup of nut butters here. Check out our Food and Drink Essentials and stock up on other healthy food and drinks—without leaving your home.

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