While our facials and other skincare treatments at the clinic are on hold for now, the face roller can be a simple alternative you can use at the comforts of your home. These crystal-infused tools offer plenty of skin-tastic benefits such as removing puffiness, improving circulation, and absorbing all the nutrients from our favorite sheet masks and serums. Plus, it’s easy to use. All you have to do is roll the smooth, cool gemstone on your face!

Face rollers are more than just a pretty aesthetic addition to your self-care and skincare routine—that’s why our customers love it. Here are the 7 top-rated face rollers and why it’s gotten the five-star seal of approval.

1. Chi Beauty Premium Jade Roller, now on sale at P1,199 (limited time only)
Jeanette, 31: It makes my skin more supple and soft. I use this after my moisturizer, and it gives the best status of my skin after… you can really see and feel the huge effect of skincare routine with this and without… very true to its claim!”

Portia, 41: “I used to use my hands to apply skincare products, then my daughter showed this to me. I decided to give it a try since it was on sale at that time. After a few days, I already started seeing improvements on my skin! My skin absorbed the creams and serums better, and the skin on my face looks better than ever.”

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2. Chi Beauty Extra Wide Jade Roller, now on sale at P999 (limited time only)
Cris: “I love this! Already part of my routine in the morning and at night. Massaging my face gives me calmness and eases my tired feeling after work. I put some beauty oil and massaging feels so sooo good! My face is tight at my age, so I am hoping this will help me maintain it. Noticed my laugh lines decreased though so it makes me love this even more!”

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3. Chi Beauty ACU Jade Facial Massage Roller, now on sale at P799 (limited time only)
Jasna, 25: “I have been using mine for almost three weeks now, and I am very happy with how it makes my skin firmer. I would leave it in the freezer for some time and use it together with a nice serum. I can say that my night wouldn’t be complete without doing this routine. It’s so relaxing, and my jawlines are now noticeable.

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4. Modern Rituals by HIMA Jade Facial Roller, P1,150
Mariya, 22: “Well, I like using it when it’s ice cold. After washing my face, mindlessly rolling this on to my face with a cool stone was a good relaxation habit. Massaging my face feels like heaven after grueling hours at work, and I think I sleep better! I really love it.”

Maita, 29: “I use this after I apply serums to make sure my face absorbs the serums better. I also use it to de-puff my cheeks, especially when my cheeks feel chubby because of overeating salts and carbs. It helps improve blood circulation around my face and relaxes my skin after a long day.

Maricris, 29:…another addition to my skincare routine, it is really a MUST have if you are upgrading your skincare regimen. As beauty vloggers say, put it first in your beauty fridge before using for better results, and the coldness is somewhat relaxing. For [the] price range, it is very, very good. You will know it is legit because it is heavy and durable.”

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5. Modern Rituals by HIMA Rose Quartz Facial Roller, P1,550
Chris, 44: This is the best makeup tool that I have ever invested because it makes my skin feel so recharged all the time. I guess it actually helps in the circulation of blood on my face. I bought the jade roller too, and to be honest, I don’t see the difference when it comes to their performance. Anyway, I use it every time I do my night skincare.”

Erika: “I’ve seen a lot of people jumping on the face roller bandwagon, and I got curious. I received mine on January 12, and I’ve been using it every day since then. My skin texture improved. It becomes soft and clear. My husband even told me that my face is ‘glowing’. It’s truly addicting once you start using it because, aside from the face benefits, it is also relaxing and calming.”

Gel: “I love using this face roller! I just pop it inside the refrigerator, and then I use it every time I do my skin routine and when I prep for makeup. It always makes my skin feel so smooth and fresh. It’s really relaxing every time I use it. I just hope that this face roller is durable, but so far, it’s still in good condition!”

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6. Modern Rituals by HIMA Amethyst Facial Roller, now on sale at P648 (limited time only)
Mary, 26: “To be honest, I bought it because I’m so curious why many celebrities are using it. So I give it a try. On the first day that I tried it, my face feels relaxed and cool. I didn’t notice that I’m enjoying it. Every night, I can’t sleep without using it first. This is already part of my morning and night rituals to make sure that I feel pretty and comfortable. Based on my experience, I can definitely say that this is my cure for stress and anxiety. I will recommend this to all my friends. Thumbs up!”

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7. Modern Rituals by HIMA Black Obsidian Facial Roller, now on sale at P500 (limited time only)
Sara, 27: “This is my first face roller, and I really love it. I like how it feels when I use it on my face every morning after a long sleep and at night after a long day. It feels great as it relieves stress. The black obsidian is a big plus! My love for powerful crystals grew more with this product!”

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Some reviews have been condensed for brevity and clarity.

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