We like to think of clay masks as mini-vacays for the skin. You massage them over your face, they absorb the dirt in your pores as they dry, and when you wash them off, you’re smooth and fresh! They’re basically spa treatments you can fit into any time of your day. And like all things skincare, there are different clays for different skin types.
Clear your top shelves, girls: L’Oréal has just swooped in with the answer to your most common complexion woes. The brand’s new Pure Clay Masks are designed to treat various problems, leaving you with better skin in just 10 minutes. Keep scrolling to see results!

TRY: Hydrating Pure Clay Mask (Blue), P399
Skin as dry as the Sahara? Pave away your patches and flakes with this hydrating mask. Made with mineral-rich seaweed, it floods the skin with moisture and repairs damage. The gentle exfoliating effect of kaolinite clay also lifts away debris! The result: soft, supple, and spotless skin.
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TRY: Anti-Pores Pure Clay Mask (Mint Green), P399
Oily girls, this clarifying mask is great as a DIY facial. It’s enriched with eucalyptus to soothe acne and control grease. Thanks to its montmorillonite content, the mask does three crucial things: it sops up oil, pacifies breakouts, and minimizes pores. Use it a least twice a week for clear-as-porcelain skin.
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TRY: Illuminating Pure Clay Mask (Pink), P399
For instantly brighter skin, try this glow-boosting clay blend! It’s a potent infusion of Moroccan lava clay and exfoliating red algae. By buffing away rough texture, it reveals healthy, luminous skin hidden underneath. So when beauty sleep fails and your skin reverts to dull mode, you know what to reach for!
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