Who isn’t trying to eat a little healthier these days? Still, however strong your willpower, there are certain indulgences a human being simply can’t resist. A prime example: potato chips, the tastiest things in the world for some of us. These heavenly crisps count as junk food—high in calories, low in nutrients, and dangerously addictive. (It’s the sodium!)

To beat your potato chip cravings without bloating up, just reach for a healthy option. One of the best alternatives we’ve found recently is the Healthy Tropics Camote Chips. They’re crispy, made with all-natural ingredients, and incredibly tasty. Only question is, will they match up to our beloved bags of wavy chips? Below, we put ‘em to the test—a taste test, to be exact.


The Healthy Tropics Camote Chips come in three variations: cheese, sour cream, and barbecue. The cheese option is neither too salty nor too savorless, which results in a perfect balance. The sour cream option is similarly mild, but still manages to give the palate a little zing. The barbecue is the standout of the bunch: it’s smoky and sweet, with just a hint of spice. All three are pleasant complements to the sweetness of the camote chips.


At first bite, you will notice a distinct textural difference between camote chips and the classic potato chips we’re all familiar with. The camote chips are most comparable to thin-cut crips in thickness. However, they’re not as crumbly. They have a bite, which drives you to eat slowly. You will also find they’re a little tougher than the average chip, which makes them perfect for dipping!


Each bag is only 198 calories per 40g serving. Translation: you get 10g of fat (healthy fat, of course!), 28g of sodium, and 26g of carbs. The sodium content is particularly impressive, as plain potato chips usually have between 340 to 370mg of sodium for the same serving size. Plus, if you’re looking for a new vitamin A source (it’s a potent antioxidant!), this stackable will give you a whopping 75% of your daily necessities.


Sweet potatoes—the main ingredient in the Healthy Tropics Camote Chips—boast a ton of health benefits. They also have a lower glycemic index in comparison to its starchy-white cousin, making it perfect for those who want to keep off sugar and stay full for longer.


While we would recommend eating Healthy Tropics Camote Chips in moderation, they’re way better than regular potato chips in both nutritional value and benefits. The flavor and structure isn’t exactly the same. But, it’s still pretty darn tasty. We could plow through a few bags, easy!

Will you be giving the Healthy Tropics Camote Chips a taste, too? Tell us in the comments!

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