It’s basic knowledge that the best way to fight bad breath is to brush (and let’s not forget, floss!) your teeth regularly. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’re immune from malodorous exhalations. Maybe you ate something pungent, or maybe you didn’t drink enough water. So many things can happen in a day that’ll threaten to take your breath from sweet to straight toxic. While nothing beats good oral hygiene, a mint can provide you with short-term confidence and temporarily tame dragon breath. In short, they’re well worth having for emergency situations. But just which mints are best? Some girls on the BeautyMNL team have their tried-and-true mint brand of choice, and others are professional mint-bummers, taking whatever piece they can get off a friend.

Recently, however, a new mint brand landed upon our desks—and it was brave enough to proclaim itself the gold standard: These are the Love Mints by Dentiste’. Word on the street is, they’re the very definition of “minty freshness.” Using a combination of real peppermint and mastic oils, the dissolvable pellets offer genuine flavor and not that artificial, cloyingly sweet candy taste. Oh, and get this: they claim to kill bad breath and mask its culprits in just 3 seconds—yes, seconds!
Sound too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out. Two of the BeautyMNL girls put the Dentiste’ Love Mints to the test to see how well they’d fare against chicken shawarma wraps (with extra garlic sauce drizzled on top, thank you very much!). The only question now is, did they stand up to this major breath offender? Read on for the results.


MINT FACTOR: The Dentiste’ Love Mints look tiny, but pack the punch of a much bigger mint. A single pellet releases a spicy mint flavor that slowly picks up steam, until it permeates your entire mouth and makes your tastebuds tingle. It’s so strong, in fact, it’ll go right up your nose and clear out your sinuses. (But hey, at least you know it’s working, right?)
EFFECTIVITY: As promised, the mints worked within 3 seconds (we counted!). And even against a whole shawarma wrap, they dominated. Just one held up against the aromatic trifecta of garlic, onion, and beef, maintaining its minty freshness and taste. Now, imagine if you had two—it’d probably have the power to bore you a whole new mouth-hole. OVERALL RATING: While we wouldn’t recommend you replace brushing your teeth with these, you’d have us fooled if you did.

But don’t take our word for it! Grab yourself a tin, and let us know what you think about the Dentiste’ Love Mints.

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