Established in 2015, Moon Juice is a powerhouse brand of adaptogen-infused products: all-natural healers that promise to help you de-stress and swerve fatigue all in the name of holistic healing, A.K.A total mind and body wellness. We’ve been preaching the L.A. brand’s good news for a while, but if you remain unconvinced of their out-of-this-world magic, maybe these celebrity seals of approval will sway you. Scroll to find out who else is a certified Moon Juice enthusiast—and why you should have what they’re having!


1. MARTINE CAJUCOM Martine Cajucom of Sunnies Face takes an assortment of nutritional supplements, from detoxifying charcoal to glow-boosting fish oil. Her everyday must-have from Moon Juice? The SuperYou Capsules, a blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs that help reduce stress and enhance energy. Now that’s a balanced handful! SHE LOVES: SuperYou Capsules, P3,299

2. ISABELLE DAZA Recently, we talked about Isabelle Daza’s healthy post-pregnancy weight loss. She credits a lot of it to a clean diet, a rigorous workout routine, and—as peeped on her IG—lots of vitamins. In the mix is Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust, an adaptogenic blend of mood-lifting super herbs and mushrooms to enhance one’s overall sense of well-being. Translation: it’s good vibes all the way, folks. SHE LOVES: Spirit Dust Sachet (3g), P216

3. CAT ARAMBULO Amidst her busy beauty schedule, Cat Arambulo never skips out on her fitness goals. While her IG stories reveal that she’s trying out a number of Moon Juice’s moon dusts, we think the Power Dust will suit her especially well. Made with energy-boosting super herbs and mushrooms, it’ll help carry you through the last legs of intense training.
SHE LOVES: Power Dust Sachet (3g),P216

4. GWYNETH PALTROW Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s brain child, so it’s really no surprise that she’d be hip to all things “weird” in wellness. In fact, Moon Juice first made headlines when G.P. revealed that she routinely has the stuff in her morning smoothies. She recommends putting the different dusts on rotation depending on your day’s needs, as she does: Beauty Dust for extra glow, Brain Dust for powering through meetings, you get the gist. They’re virtually tasteless and endlessly customizable, so do like Gwyneth does and have ‘em everyday!
SHE LOVES: Beauty Dust Sachet (3g), P216, Brain Dust Sachet (3g), P216

Ready to supercharge your diet with adaptogens? Happy healing!

CREDIT: Images via @martine, @isabelledaza, @catarambulo, @gwynethpaltrow, @moonjuice, Goop, Moon Juice, Cap Beauty

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