No matter how much rest you get, dark and puffy under-eyes happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, they also happen to be the trickiest to hide. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile to cover up a bad situation, start here: an intensive total eye routine that’ll have you looking wide awake no matter how badly you sleep the night before. Scroll through to see the before and after!


For best results, start your routine the night before. Prevention is key, so making sure your under-eyes stay moisturized and pampered before bedtime (no matter how late you sleep) can make all the difference come morning. STEP 1: EYE CREAM In order to keep the delicate skin around your eyes properly nourished, an evening eye cream is a must. Opt for a formula with anti-aging properties and intensive hydration for best results. It’ll boost the skin’s elasticity, ward off fine lines and sagging, and help even out dark circles.

HOW TO USE: Dot small amounts of product across your under-eyes and up to your brow bone. Using your ring finger, gently tap the cream into your skin until fully absorbed. Make sure to use only tapping motions—no smearing, pulling, or tugging! Any amount of friction will only damage your skin’s elasticity in the long-term.

WHAT WE USED: Nuxe Paris Nuxellence Eye Contour, P2,450. Shop it here.

STEP 2: EYE PATCHES To put it simply, eye patches are basically tiny sheet masks for your under-eyes. They add a concentrated layer of hydration that’ll restore dry, damaged skin, while their natural cooling effect helps soothe tired eyes.

HOW TO USE: With clean hands, take two sheets out of the pack. Place them on your under-eyes and smoothen out any wrinkles or air pockets, so that the sheets lie as flat as possible on the skin. Leave them only until the sheets are mostly dry. Peel off the sheets to remove and, using your ring finger, gently tap in any excess product until fully absorbed.

WHAT WE USED: Skinlite Collagen Eye Zone Mask, P100. Shop it here.

Even with a good night’s rest, we often wake up with puffy under-eyes. This can be caused by multiple factors, from your water intake to even how elevated your head is during sleep. It can’t always be avoided, but it only takes a few simple steps to instantly de-puff and even out dark, bloated eye bags. Here’s how! STEP 3: CRYSTAL ROLLER (CHILLED) De-puffing your under-eyes is the same as soothing a swollen ankle. Ice it! But if you don’t feel like dealing with a drippy mess, a chilled crystal roller delivers the exact same effect. The cold will relieve the puffiness and revitalize tired eyes, making you look instantly more awake.

HOW TO USE: First, wrap the facial roller in tissue to avoid contamination and place it in the freezer. Remove it after around 5 minutes. Using the smaller end of the roller, place the tip on your under-eyes and hold for a few seconds to cool the skin. Do this all across your under-eyes until puffiness disappears.

WHAT WE USED: Modern Rituals by HIMA Rose Quartz Facial Roller, now on sale at P1,240 (limited time only). Shop it here.

STEP 4: TINTED EYE CREAM A good eye cream is essential to prepping your under-eyes for makeup. This particular formula pulls double duty—not only does it moisturize, it also smoothens and blurs imperfections with a slight tint.

HOW TO USE: Dot small amounts of product across your under-eyes and up to your brow bone. Using your ring finger, gently tap the cream into your skin until fully absorbed.

WHAT WE USED: Nuxe Paris Nuxellence Eye Contour, P2,450. Shop it here.

STEP 5: ORANGE COLOR-CORRECTOR Now, onto the makeup! To take your concealer one step further, use an orange color corrector underneath to help cancel out dark circles. It’lll look a little crazy at first—but trust us, once you’ve added the concealer on top, those sallow under-eyes will disappear in no time.

HOW TO USE: Apply the color corrector directly onto your under-eyes and lightly pat in the product with your ring finger. Make sure the pigment is smoothened out, and concentrate most of the color on the darkest areas.

WHAT WE USED: LA Girl PRO Conceal Orange Corrector, P349. Shop it here.

STEP 6: CONCEALER Last but not least, conceal your under-eyes with a creamy liquid concealer. Liquid formulas tend to work best for this delicate area due to their pliability, and are less likely to crease than cream formulas. For added brightening, use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your actual skin tone.

HOW TO USE: Apply concealer on top of the areas where you places the orange color corrector—starting from the inner corner (where they tend to be darkest). Use your ringer finger to blend out the pigment in light tapping motions. Make sure to blur out any harsh edges. If needed, apply another light layer for more opaque coverage.

WHAT WE USED: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, now on sale at P199 (limited time only). Shop it here.

See the difference? The more often you maintain this regimen, the more drastic the results. Fine lines, puffy under-eyes, and dark circles, be gone!

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