Sure, you may have scoffed at the “juvenile” horoscope spreads in the magazines you bought as a teen, but now you can’t stop scrolling through Astro Poets and proclaiming that everything’s so you. It’s cool, we get it: astrology’s extra fun now. We’re all about natal charts, lucky days, and understanding ourselves according to the stars, too.

So, here we are, trying to read the signs. We’re starting small with a snacks forecast, and if we match you up right, you’re in for a treat. Scroll to see what snack suits you best, according to your sign!


1. ARIES THE SNACK TO GET: Cornitos Nacho Crisps Sizzlin’ Jalapeno (150g), P120

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Fiery Aries likes things fun and full of vibrant energy, which means they’ll warmly welcome jalapeño anything into their snack haul. Add the casual convenience of nacho crisps into the mix and you’ve got yourself a party!

2. TAURUS THE SNACK TO GET: Carman’s Belgian Chocolate Brownie Oat Slice, P270

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Reliable, strong-willed Taurus likes comfort food, but their refined tastes makes them extra particular. They’d enjoy a bowl of oats just as much as a chewy brownie, but an ingenious, on-the-go snack that brings these two together? Now, that would be worthy.

3. GEMINI THE SNACK TO GET: Spud Buds Chocolate Potato Chips (Milk Chocolate), P200

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Leave it to versatile, unpredictable Gemini to rope anyone into trying combos that shouldn’t work, but do anyway. They love salty-sweet treats because they confuse AND delight their palate. Tell us: is there anything more Gemini than that?

4. CANCER THE SNACK TO GET: Honest Junk Oatmeal Raisin Zooper Cookies, P110

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Compassionate Cancer has a nostalgic streak, making them total softies for anything that reminds them of simpler times. Animal cookies may not have been a fixture in their childhood, but they fill them with warm-fuzzies anyway. It’s the sentiment that counts.

5. LEO THE SNACK TO GET: Crackle Snacks Salted Egg Potato Chips - Big (170g), P280

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Dynamic Leo is the life of the party—a no-brainer favorite in any social function you drop them into. They’re indulgent, impossible to ignore, and would surely find their match in addictive crisps that people have been lining up for ever since they first got a taste.

6. VIRGO THE SNACK TO GET: Veganola PH Coffee Walnut Energy Bites (Tub of 8), P150

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Highly capable Virgo is always sprinting to get things done, swerving nonsense and solving problems like they’re running out of time. For low-energy days that seem to go on forever, they’d love a quick-and-easy, caffeinated snack that can give them a boost before they burn out.

7. LIBRA THE SNACK TO GET: Hearth Simple & Sophisticated Trail Mix, P150

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Fair-minded Libra is a stickler for balance, working double time to ensure that everything has its place. Fittingly, their go-to snack would be a mix of interesting textures and flavors that come together harmoniously: a little sweet and a little salty, made with lots of love.

8. SCORPIO THE SNACK TO GET: Coco Dolce Dark Chocolate With Chili (100g), P220

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Passionate Scorpio is magnetic and exciting, so people tend to flock towards them like moths to a flame. They’ve got bravery in spades, and have been known to try anything once. If you serve them something decadent with a touch of heat, they’d be sure to snatch it right up.

9. SAGITTARIUS THE SNACK TO GET: Oh So Healthy Kimchi Crisps (50g), P110

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Risk-taking Sagittarius loves adventure, confidently making something positive out of any situation. They’d love a taste of something totally unique that speaks to a culinary culture they’d explore in a heartbeat, even if it’s not for everyone.

10. CAPRICORN THE SNACK TO GET: Mary’s Organic Crackers Black Pepper Original Seed Crackers, P330

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Practical Capricorn isn’t likely to try anything on impulse, but they will give it a chance if it works as hard as them. Take seed crackers, for example: they’re as fuss-free as saltines, but they’re so much more nutritious. They’re just the strategic, ambitious choice.

11. AQUARIUS THE SNACK TO GET: Seleco Tom Yum Nori Crispy Seaweed, P72

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Independent, eccentric Aquarius isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path. As such, they’d appreciate having a suite of out-of-the-box options to pick and choose from, like seaweed crisps with a hot-and-sour edge.

12. PISCES THE SNACK TO GET: Snack Box Salted Caramel Brownie Crunch, P85

WHAT THE STARS SAY: Sensitive Pisces cares generously, and they believe food is meant to comfort and nourish the heart. Their best pick is anything homemade, but they’d also delight in store-bought finds that at least taste oven-fresh.

So, did astrology get your munchies habit right? Chew on it below!

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