Having dry skin can get you down in a rough patch, especially when all the formulas you’ve tried haven’t produced long-term results. Without a proper regimen tailor-fit for your skin type, you still might be experiencing redness and roughness on the daily. Our advice? Commit to a routine that emphasizes gentle exfoliation and sufficient hydration. The former promotes cellular turnover and ensures product absorption, and the latter helps lock in moisture—two crucial things that help balance out dry skin.

Starting or redoing your routine can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve crafted a 6-step guide to sloughing away those dead skin cells and revitalizing even the driest, dullest of complexions. Check it out!


TRY: Heimish All Clean Balm, P975

Dry skin often retains an extra layer of dead cells, which explains the buildup of flecks n’ flakes on the surface of your skin. You want to begin your routine by removing all residue, without having to strip your skin off its natural oil (that’s right: no matter how dry your skin is, it still produces oil).

When massaged on the skin, this herbal, hypoallergenic balm transforms into a smooth-as-silk oil. It digs deep into your pores, and lifts off grime, makeup, and other impurities. It’s chockfull of citrus compounds, so it triples as an energizer and brightener.

HOW TO: Scoop a small amount (we usually go for pea-sized) from the tub, and massage it all over your face in upward, circular motions. Rinse with water.

Shop it here.


TRY: Human Nature Hydrating Creamy Facial Wash, P200, Swan Facial Konjac Puff Sponge, P110

For a super thorough cleanse, it’s always a good idea to get into the nooks and crannies of cracked, parched skin—provided that you’ve got a moisturizing lather at hand. It works to purify your complexion of deep-seated dirt, while soothing away any signs of irritation. This creamy cleanser is boosted with coconut and moringa extracts, which are known for their intensive hydrating properties. It also helps smoothen out fine lines and rough texture.

But for added exfoliation, we advise using it in tandem with a konjac sponge. Made from soft vegetable fiber, this Japanese scrub contains actual vitamins and minerals to help nourish the skin, while buffing away dead skin and blackheads!

HOW TO: Soak the sponge under water until it’s completely moist and soft. Then, dispense a small amount of facial wash onto the sponge. Then, gently work in the lather by massaging it into your skin in gentle, circular motions. Rinse.

Shop the Human Nature facial wash here and the Swan konjac sponge here.


TRY: Seed & Tree Cedar Wood Toner, P1,300

If you’re a fan of Korean solutions, then you’re in luck. This skin revitalizer has been crafted and formulated in none other than Jeju Island, and is enhanced with 30% cedar wood leaf extract. It also soothes redness and inflammation, so if you’re suffering from great deals of irritation—you should definitely pick up a bottle.

The thing with dry skin is that it can give the illusion that you’re older than you really are, since recurrent dry patches can eventually lead to premature wrinkles. Luckily, this particular formula is patented with 7-Plant Extract Complex, which stimulates collagen production and improves elasticity.

HOW TO: After cleansing, apply an even amount on a cotton pad, then swab across your face and neck. You’ll instantly feel refreshed!

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TRY: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, P950

Ah, snail essence—there’s every reason behind the hype, especially since it’s a natural restorative that works to heal damage, repair weakened tissue, and strengthen new cells. This powerful potion also works to rehydrate the moisture barrier, making it perfect for dry skin types.

Although serums, ampoules, and boosters involve an additional step to your routine, we promise you that they’re worth your time. Unlike other skincare products, they’re specially designed to penetrate and deliver essential nutrients to the the deeper, hard-to-reach layers of the skin.

HOW TO: Dispense a penny-sized amount on your palm. Spread generously across your cheeks, then lightly tap on your forehead, nose, and below the eye area.

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FOR DAYTIME, TRY: Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, P1,280
FOR EVENING, TRY: The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil, P900

What’s the difference between a day and night moisturizer, and why should you bother anyway? The answer is simple: a day moisturizer is typically formulate to protect and support the skin under pollution and external stresses, whereas a night moisturizer is thicker, and made with potent ingredients that work best while you sleep.

For your specific needs, we’ve selected two hydrators—one to use before you head out to your day, and one to slather on before you sleep. In the morning, use the Dear Klairs soothing cream for an instant hydration boost. It contains yeast-derived beta glucan, which assists the skin in repairing itself, and keeps it protected from external triggers and free radicals.

In the night, opt for an antioxidant-rich oil such as Marula Oil. It contains a flurry of skin-saving compounds: oleic acid, linoleic acid, catechins, and flavonoids. It’s absolutely lightweight, and creates a visible radiance that’s worth waking up to. Plus, you can also use it on your hair!

HOW TO: In the daytime, spread a small amount of cream all over your face. Pat to absorb, then proceed to your makeup routine. In the nighttime, apply 2 to 3 drops of Marula Oil in the palm of your hand. Gently massage onto skin, then pat to absorb.

Shop the Dear Klairs moisturizer here and The Ordinary face oil here.


TRY: Farmstay Horse Oil Jeju Mayu UV Sun Cream, P548

Dry skin can be genetic, hormonal, or environmental. If you’re constantly subjected to sun exposure, an array of pollutants, or erratic weather (basically Manila in a nutshell!), then you should take extra measures to ensure that you stay shielded from the damage that any urban setting can inflict.

To cap off your daytime routine, end with a UV-protected horse oil cream. It’s powered with SPF 50 PA++++, and has a lightweight texture that’s quickly absorbed into the skin—no heavy, sticky feeling whatsoever. It also contains hefty amounts of alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that plumps up sallow, rough areas.

HOW TO: As the last step of your regimen, spread across entire face. Use on the rest of your body. It also works effectively as a makeup base.

Shop it here.

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