There’s no denying it—we’ve all had nights where we’ve stayed up way past our bed time. (We’re human, what can we do!) But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any consequences. And if you keep up the long nights, you can definitely expect a lot more than panda eyes and sallow skin coming your way.

In other words, if the standard 7-9 hours of shut-eye escapes you, your skin isn’t getting the rest it needs, either. Think: less time for it to recharge, for collagen production to do its thing (a.k.a. keep skin supple and healthy), and for cells to repair and restore itself. Which means by the time it becomes a habit, you’re left with visible signs of dullness and fine lines that will take a toll on your skin.

On the up side, in the case that you really can’t get a full night’s rest, there are some ways to fake it. One quick fix? Through SNAILWHITE’s Whipp Soap and Icy Mask duo.
These two are infused with powerful star ingredients like bearberry leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, and alpha-arbutin. If those sound familiar to you, then you know these are the perfect blend for targeting all the hours you’ve missed the night before. We’re talking uneven skin tone, a lackluster and dehydrated complexion, collagen and elastin production, and a weakened skin barrier. Just what you need to pretend you got your beauty sleep!
Want to see exactly how to use it? We break down the super simple, 2-step process below. And tossed in some 5-star customer reviews so you know we’re not bluffing. Scroll to see!


“I have been loving Namu’s products for quite a while now since I started using their CC cream and this one is no exception. I like it that somehow they came up with an affordable mask that I can use at night before going to sleep and can make me feel like I’ve been to a skin clinic. I love this because in the morning, it really gives me a glow that makes it look like I have had a good night’s sleep. This is now part of my regimen.” - Sarah, 24, Combination skin
“I’ve been on the hunt for sleeping masks that’d work for me and I think I’ve finally found it. I love this!! After a long and hot day, putting this on feels so good and relieving because of the mild and pleasant scent, and also the cooling sensation on my face (not too harsh and lingering). Once applied, this doesn’t feel heavy at all and won’t bother you when you lie down. Fast forward to when I wake up and wash this off, hello and good morning to glow indeed! My face definitely appeared brighter, my pores appeared smaller, and my face felt so smooth! Yes, it can be said that this product really is true to its claims. Yay!💖” - Cyan, 19, Sensitive skin


Step 1: Lather the soap in your hands. Cleanse the skin by gently massaging the face in light circular motions. Rinse with water, then pat dry.
Step 2: Apply the icy mask all over the face and leave it overnight. Rinse off in the morning.
Minor edits have been made to reviews for brevity and clarity.

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