At BeautyMNL, we spend every single day swatching, testing, and shooting all kinds of products. Not all of them are made equal. But one thing we can say for sure is that the best ones end up on our own bathroom shelves! The more we experiment, the more Holy Grails we discover. So, in this new monthly series, we’re sharing with you our very own personal faves! From makeup to skincare and everything in between, here are 5 beauty products that have served us well IRL. Chances are, you’ll want to hoard them, too.

1. COSRX Advanced Snail Power Essence, now on sale at P873 (limited time only)
LOVED BY: Kat E., Associate Art Director

“This is by far the most viscous essence I’ve ever tried! The effects of this stuff is almost immediate. In just a few days, I noticed my skin was smoother, I was breaking out a lot less (which was my main concern), and my dry patches have disappeared. I love the extra dose of hydration. And even with its super slimy texture, it sinks into my skin with little effort.”

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2. Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore, P499
LOVED BY: Dani C., Associate Editor

“As a makeup artist, I’ve tried and tested a ton of blush formulas. This baked blush is my most recent fave! The color payoff is just right, so you can never go overboard with the pigment. But it’s also easy to layer if you want a finish that’s more intense. The best part is the marbled design—this one has little flecks of gold that softly highlight and illuminate your cheeks. I get compliments whenever I wear this! It’s definitely a drugstore gem.”

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3. Pro Studio i-Heart Cleaning Pad, now on sale at P249 (limited time only)
LOVED BY: Kathy A., Junior Graphic Designer

“I used to dread washing my makeup brushes until I stumbled upon this little guy. I bought it after reading all the rave reviews. It’s made my life so much easier! The ribbed texture really flushes out dirt from between bristles and the silicone material doesn’t hold on to stains. It probably cuts my cleaning time by half.”

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4. Bioré UV Perfect Spray, P320
LOVED BY: Kim V., Associate Editor

“I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to sunscreen and this spray formula is a game-changer. This is probably my 3rd or 4th bottle. It dispenses product in a very light, even spray and the finish is completely invisible! I use this on both my face and body. You’d think that wouldn’t work, but it’s never broken out my oily skin. The best part is I can apply SPF from head to toe in just a few seconds. It works even over makeup, too. So convenient!”

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5. Scent Swatch Champagne Eau de Parfum, P399
LOVED BY: Claire C., Staff Writer

“This fragrance smells so good, I think I use it more than any other perfume I own! At first I bought because I was intrigued by the name—who wouldn’t want to smell like champagne? But upon spraying, it actually smells more like a blend of jasmine and sampaguita. It’s a very elegant, clean fragrance. I spray this throughout the day to avoid that amoy-araw smell and people are always asking me where I got it.”

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Photos by Kat Echon.

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