At BeautyMNL, we spend every single day swatching, testing, and shooting all kinds of products. Not all of them are made equal. But one thing we can say for sure is that the best ones end up on our own bathroom shelves! The more we experiment, the more Holy Grails we discover. So, in this new monthly series, we’re sharing with you our very own personal faves! From makeup to skincare and everything in between, here are 5 beauty products that have served us well IRL. Chances are, you’ll want to hoard them, too.

  1. Milani Light Strobing Primer, P550
    LOVED BY: Kim V., Associate Editor

    “This product makes my skin look glowing without any dewiness. I do like the dewy look on other people, but since I’m oily, I prefer soft matte skin with just a bit of radiance. This primer really does the trick. It doesn’t get greasy under my makeup, either. And if I’m really lazy, I’ll use this on its own and dab a little extra on the high points of my face as a highlighter.”

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  2. Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask (100ml), P1,500
    LOVED BY: Kat E., Associate Art Director

    “It’s my go-to fix for breakoutsI I use it on both active blemishes and when I feel a pimple about to break the surface. It really helps calm it down. The redness disappears and my skin always look significantly clearer and healthier the next day, especially if I follow it up with a pimple patch. Worth the splurge for sure!”

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  3. OMI Menturm Lip Dress, P145
    LOVED BY: Kathy A., Junior Graphic Designer

    “I like to keep my everyday routine as low maintenance as possible and this is just perfect. The oil-based formula really helps prevent chapping (which usually happens a lot) and the subtle tint means I don’t need to apply lipstick anymore. It just looks natural and doesn’t feel heavy at all. This never leaves my bag.”

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  4. Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream, P200
    LOVED BY: Claire C., Staff Writer

    “This stuff is amazing for oily skin! Everything they say about it is true—it’s super lightweight, absorbs in an instant, and deeply hydrates. But my favorite part is how quickly it helps my skin heal! Ever since I started using this, I noticed that my active pimples disappear faster and I think it even helps lighten my scars. The hype is real.”

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  5. V&M Naturals Wrinkle Revenge, now on sale at P990 (limited time only)
    LOVED BY: Denisse L., Marketing Officer

    “If you have fine lines around your eyes or dark circles, you need this. This is the only anti-aging product I use right now and the results are really visible. I noticed that my eyebags aren’t as dark as they used to be, and the tiny lines around that area are gone, too. I also love putting this in the fridge in the morning for a cooling effect. It really wakes me up!”

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    Photos by Kat Echon.

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