We’re always curious to know how celebrities keep their impossibly toned physiques in check. Well, as it turns out, many personalities use one very rudimentary piece of workout equipment: a jump rope.
Kim Kardashian West, Heart Evangelista, and Kate Hudson, among others, are OBSESSED with the playground activity. Not just for kids, jumping rope is actually an excellent cardio workout. Just 10 minute of jumping rope can rival a 30-minute jog (No, we’re not kidding!). Curious? Here are 5 celebrities who might convince you to try the workout yourself. Let’s hop right to it!


Kim, reality TV queen and Hollywood icon, makes jumping rope look as easy as child’s play. With zero effort, she pulls off complicated tricks that left us with the same reaction as Kourtney and Khloe: WHOA.


It looks Adriana’s hard work is paying off. The model is a master jumper, and can perform cross overs, side-to-sides, and other moves with the rope. Oh, and all within a 15-second period, too!


It took us aback when our team learned how intense Heart’s workouts are. The actress’ 4AM workouts are composed of crunches, mountain climbers, and end with none other than a jump rope. Phew, we’re perspiring already!


If her Instagram is any indication, Izabel LOVES to keep active. One of the model’s activities of choice? Jumping rope, of course! In this video, Izabel takes it outdoors—the perfect complement to the intense workout.


Floyd Mayweather, look out—Kate is in the “jump rope zone.” The actress moves through a jumping routine with so much ease, you might think she was a professional fighter in a past life. L-R: Active Speed Rope, P700, Harbinger Speed Rope Adjustable, P799, SKLZ Speed Rope, P1,499

Photos via Instagram: @kimkglam, @adrianalima, @loveheartevangelista, @izabelgoulart, @katehudson

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