Brand-new year, brand-new you! In the age-old tradition of making New Year resolutions, here’s our list of 10 pledges that any beauty should abide by. In the end, you’ll be raking in the benefits, anyway!

1. Apply SPF every single day. And moisturizer, for that matter.
Your skin will love you for it—and your friends will notice the results.

2. Grow out your brows.
Gone are the days when over-tweezed brows equaled sophistication. Nowadays, the chicest look is clean, defined, but natural.

3. Learn how to exfoliate.
Not just the dead skin on your face, mind you. You elbows, knees, knuckles, and the soles of your feet need to be buffed from time to time, too.

4. Stop being afraid of red lipstick.
Or plum, or hot pink, or whatever color you like but are intimidated to try! It’s really not as audacious as you might think.

5. Embrace your natural hair.
Got curly hair? Find the right curling cream for it. Got pin-straight tresses? Just tame the flyaway. You don’t have to change your whole look to look your absolute best.

6. Quit with the shortcuts.
Stop biting your cuticles in lieu of having a manicure. Stop popping your pimples because you just can’t wait for them to subside. Oh, and stop procrastinating when it comes to that visit to the derma!

7. Dare yourself to do something different every week…
…or fine, every month. Come on, the fun is worth the fuss!

8. Get your hair trimmed more regularly.
Say no to split ends!

9. Get more beauty sleep—and not just on weekends.
Sleep is the great healer of all your skin woes.

10. Drink more water.
See above. We just had to say it twice.