By now, you’ve probably heard from a friend of a friend about Skin Genie’s super stains. They are vibrant. They last very long. They are the stuff of lipstick-legend—and they only cost 80 bucks a pop. We’ve waxed poetic about the Lip and Cheek Stain Alive! Collection before, and it’s become a big favorite at the BeautyMNL office. Remember when we swatched the whole collection on our officemates’ lips and cheeks? Well, now we’ve got new shades!
Skin Genie has just added three new colors to their lineup: two deep reds and sweet pink. As usual, the tints are ultra-matte and hang out for hours without drying out your lips. You can also expect the same melon scent that adds to this product’s irresistible factor. We can’t wait for you to see!
This time around, we swatched every shade on different skin tones, so you can easily pinpoint which one would flatter your complexion most. We did the entire collection again, mind you, not just the new arrivals—so even if you haven’t seen the first swatchathon, you won’t have to worry about missing out. Scroll!


THE COLOR: A fleshy pink that enhances your natural lip color.
THE COLOR: A playful wine that mimics a Shiraz stain.
THE COLOR: A deep burgundy for after-hours.
THE COLOR: A zesty orange to enliven the face.
THE COLOR: A pale and perky apricot.
THE COLOR: A coral with equal parts orange and pink.
THE COLOR: A Snow White-red that evokes romance.
THE COLOR: A festive ruby for all year long.
THE COLOR: A Kool-Aid cherry with reddish undertones.
THE COLOR: A straight-up purple for work and weekend.
THE COLOR: A classic bordeaux that means business.
THE COLOR: A warm, toasty tan.
THE COLOR: A bad-girl black for extra sass.

The Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive! is available on BeautyMNL for P80. Shop it right here.

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