Looking like an oil slick no matter often you blot or how clean you eat is something many folks deal with on the daily. That’s the bane of an oily skin type: a face that shines like polished marble and feels like lipgloss.

Many of the girls on the BeautyMNL team have oily or combination skin, so mattifying methods are in constant discussion at the watercooler. How do we keep our over-active oil glands from melting down our makeup? Which skin creams won’t enhance the sheen of our hyper-dewy faces? Will the struggle never end?
Have faith, greasy girls! When we tallied our personal tricks, we found that one of the common denominators was an oldie but goodie. Ever tried My Prime’s Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer? You really should—we’ve only been harping on and on about it for the past two years. This product functions as a shine-fighting, skin-nourishing moisturizer on one hand, and a silky-smooth, makeup-locking primer on the other.
But what’s in the magic potion, you ask? Pili and moringa oils: two Philippine-sourced botanicals that are currently enjoying world acclaim. Both oils are potent hydrators with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-blemish benefits. While pili oil paves away wrinkles for a smoother feel, moringa creates a mattifying effect.


Below, we tried it out on Bing, who has combination to oily skin (depending on the time of the month). Bing has never used the Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer before and was thus the perfect test subject. Look!


STEP 1: Squeeze out a few pumps of the moisturizer on the back of your hand.
STEP 2: Using clean fingers, apply the product over a washed and toned face. Rub into skin with gentle circular motions.
STEP 3: Apply the product to your neck, using upward strokes.
THE EFFECT: The moisturizer is lightweight, creamy, and instantly hydrating. It creates a soft, pillowy skin texture and has a subtle pore-filling action. Unlike most moisturizers, it isn’t shiny (not even upon initial application), so the setting time is next to nothing.


STEP 1: Apply the moisturizer to your neck and face, following the steps above. You may concentrate it over your problem areas, the same way you would a primer.
STEP 2: Proceed with your regular makeup routine.
THE EFFECT: Because of its mattifying and long-lasting formula, the moisturizer will lock your face in place! It allows makeup to glide seamlessly, adhere effortlessly, and set luxuriously. Basically, it will make you want to touch your skin (but please resist the temptation!).
Here’s how Bing looked at the end of a nine-hour workday:
Not quite a flat matte, but not bad either, ey?

The My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer is available on BeautyMNL (regular price: P2,100). Shop it right here.

GIFs by Kat Echon