Ask any girl in the BeautyMNL office what brand has improved their skin the most, and you’ll likely hear the same answer. For most of us, COSRX was the unanimous game-changer. And that continues to ring true to this day! With the brand consistently pumping out innovation after innovation, there’s always something new to love. Which brings us to our most recent discovery:
Say hello to the Low pH Barrier Mist! The first of its kind in the K-beauty giant’s roster, this alcohol-free mist is basically a multi-purpose toner. Every spritz of this stuff delivers three crucial benefits: it conditions the skin with 98.1% coconut fruit extract, optimizes the skin’s pH balance with a low acidity of 5.5, and provides ultra-gentle exfoliation with 0.5% polyhydroxy acids (PHA). Combined, these properties allow your skin to better fight off acne-causing bacteria.
All things considered, we’re already fangirling over this baby blue bottle. It’s more than just your average-joe mist—it’s a total skincare boost. Scroll to see how you can incorporate it into your own routine in 3 different ways!


WHY IT WORKS: As mentioned, this mist contains 0.5% PHA. That may sound like a diminutive amount, but it’s more than enough to melt away dead skin cells without irritating the most delicate complexions.

STEP 1: Soak a cotton pad with the solution.
STEP 2: Sweep the cotton pad over your skin in upward, circular motions. This should be done right after cleansing.
NOTE: If you prefer not to use a cotton pad, simply spray the solution directly on your face and pat until fully absorbed.


WHY IT WORKS: With coconut extract water as its most concentrated ingredient (98.1%), this formula contains conditioning properties that both prevent water loss and attract moisture. When applied over the rest of your skincare, it acts as a “water shield” to seal in every layer and prevent product from evaporating out of your skin.

STEP 1: Apply your full skincare routine as usual.
STEP 2: As a final step, evenly spray the mist directly over your skin. Make sure to cover all sides.
STEP 3: Using the pads of your palms, gently pat in the product until fully absorbed.


WHY IT WORKS: Thanks to its fast-absorbing properties, this formula provides instant hydration in a single spritz. It contains a non-harmful chemical called butylene glycol—an ingredient that boosts the formula’s ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. Plus, it’s ultra-fine mist won’t disturb your makeup (even if you spray directly in front of your face).

STEP 1: Apply your makeup as usual.
STEP 2: Spray the mist directly over your face. Make sure to cover all sides. Allow the product to air-dry.
The COSRX Low pH PHA Barrier Mist is available on BeautyMNL for P1,000. Shop it right here!

Photos by Kat Echon.

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