The power of scent is indisputable. Anything that triggers our sense of smell can physically calm or energize us, alter our moods, and evoke certain emotions. No wonder essential oils are revered as natural remedies! They harness that same sensual power to heal our bodies and clear our minds.
But basic essential oils can be somewhat tricky. Most of the time, they need to be diluted, used in tandem with a diffuser, or come in tiny amounts. So allow us to simplify all that math and chemistry. Ladies, meet the essential oil-infused Bath & Body Room & Linen Sprays, made for you by Be Organic.

More than just a treat for the senses, these three custom blends can turn any house into an oasis. Spritzed generously through a room, each scent creates a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere and banishes unpleasant odors. So regardless of what’s in your space, there’s a spray to soothe the stress. Check ‘em out!

1. Lavender Spray, P225
PERFECT FOR: Soothing overworked minds

Looming deadlines, jam-packed calendars—our day-to-day lives can put us through the wringer. Introduce calm into your life with this lavender-laced spray. Famed for its soothing effects, lavender also acts as a natural disinfectant and antibacterial. It’s a quick refresher for both your spirit and your surroundings.

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2. Peppermint Spray, P225
PERFECT FOR: Sharpening your focus

Save yourself the Starbucks addiction and awaken your body with this peppermint spray. Its menthol scent jolts the senses into gear and boosts your concentration levels. Added bonus: every spritz imparts a cooling sensation. This immediately transforms a stale, stuffy room into a minty-fresh space—something a Venti-sized drink can’t do.

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3. Citronella Spray, P335
PERFECT FOR: Repelling pesky insects

Need a sweet defense against mosquitos? Try an invigorating citronella-based blend, which smells nothing like insect repellent. To keep your skin untouched and your home pest-free, mist this energizing, citrusy spray all over your room.

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Art by Carli Dagdag.

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