‘Tis the season of giving, and as always, we’re here to show you all the pretty little things you can give. If you’re still making your list and checking it twice, don’t skip out on these special giftables. After all, there’s no better time than now to gift beautiful!
We’re big believers that someone’s signature scent can reveal just as much about their personality as their favorite lipstick. It leaves even more of an impression, too: ask anybody with a fragrance they spritz on daily, and they’ll tell you people know they’re coming just by the smell of them!

By now, most people who love beauty will have found their go-to cologne or perfume already. If they’re fragrance fans like us, they may even have bottles upon bottles lined up on their vanity: one for every day, mood, and aura they want to radiate. But you may also know a few friends who are yet to find their scent style—and you could be the one who gifts it to them.
But how do you find the right scent for the super special people in your life? While smell is one of the hardest things to shop for, we can certainly try to help you out! Try this little exercise: first, think about who’s on your list. What are they like? Do they have any quirks? What do you love about them? Next, just find the scent to match their unique personality!

Okay, okay, we know that’s a tall order, so we’re happy to give you a place to start. Scroll to find 6 beautiful scents that can suit your beautiful friends!

1. Scent Swatch Old Rose Eau de Parfum, P399
THE SCENT: A bright, delicate mixed floral scent with powdery suede and hints of apple

THE FRIEND: Stylish and sophisticated with a perfectionist streak and a penchant for vintage finds, old Hollywood movies, and romantic settings

Shop it here.

2. The Saem Seventeen Signature Perfume No.1 (By Mingyu), P1,250
THE SCENT: A refreshing blend of floral, fruity, and citrus notes

THE FRIEND: Fun, carefree, and always in a bright mood, with an infectious love of bouncy pop music (or just K-pop!) and endless summers

Shop it here.

3. BLK Cosmetics K-beauty Scents in Winter (250ml), P599
THE SCENT: A cooling yet comforting combo of peppermint, herbal green tea, and musk

THE FRIEND: Calm, collected, and perpetually in the Christmas spirit, with a love of cozy sweaters, -ber months, and heartwarming Hallmark moments

Shop it here.

4. W.Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 45 (Morning Rain), now on sale at P549 (limited time only)
THE SCENT: A crisp and clean blend of flowers, dewy nature, and gentle breeze

THE FRIEND: Independent, outdoorsy, yet city-loving, with a preference for rainy days out, spontaneous nature trips, and dressing in lightweight linens

Shop it here.

5. Scents of Style Green Tea Fragrance Mini Spray (20ml), now on sale at P125 (limited time only)
THE SCENT: A mild and versatile blend of minty-floral green tea and jasmine

THE FRIEND: Easy-breezy and ever the jet-setting cosmopolitan, with a love of both expensive things and simple thrills

Shop it here.

6. Pure Bliss White Jasmine & Mint Eau de Parfum (30ml), now on sale at P200 (limited time only)
THE SCENT: A heady yet balanced mix of herbal, floral, and musky aromas

THE FRIEND: Effortlessly elegant with a taste for tried-and-true classics, like pearl earrings, little black dresses, and surprise flowers on special days

Shop it here.

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