Hair masks might not be as selfie-friendly as sheet masks, but that doesn’t make them any less important. They can strengthen weak strands, slick down frizz, and quench dry hair. Plus, at-home masks will cost you much less than a visit to the salon! You just have to coat the right one over your crowning glory to get the results you want.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Below, a list of masking options for 6 different hair types, from curly to oily to fine. All by Stylista Hair Essentials and, lucky for you, only P299!
OUR RECO: Aloe Vera & Walnut Hair Spa

Jam-packed with aloe vera and walnut extract, this mask is great for hair that’s extra thirsty. It quenches Sahara-dry strands after a single use. Not only does it provide much-needed moisture, it also boosts shine and softens texture. Slather it on once or twice a week during a Netflix binge.

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OUR RECO: Coconut Hair Mask

This protein- and vitamin-rich mask is so luscious, we would bathe in the stuff if we could. This formula works best for taming unruly texture, especially the kind that’s prone to frizz. A small amount of this goes a long way, so one tub will last forever.

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OUR RECO: Daily Keratin Treatment

This keratin mask repairs, protects, and fortifies hair that’s been colored again and again. It also keeps your current color vibrant and shiny, stretching out the time between salon visits. You can use it once a week or in lieu of your conditioner every few days. Either way, it leaves your hair super touchable.

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OUR RECO: Lavander & Peppermint Hair Spa

This spa-scented mask is so lightweight, it won’t flatten fine hair. It’s made with lavender and peppermint to moisturize and strengthen each thin, delicate lock. The perfect balance of rich and fluffy, it brings your hair silky-smoothness sans grease. Use with abandon!

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OUR RECO: Melon & Walnut Hair Spa

With yummy ingredients like melon and walnut, this mask might as well be a dessert. Lovely smell aside, this straight-hair savior clears away residue on the scalp that can weigh the hair down. This way, it helps you maintain the beauty of your straight hair without compromising volume. Expect your mane to look brand-new after just one wash! Use it every weekend for minimum maintenance.

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OUR RECO: Mineral Mud Hair Mask

This mud mask is like a clay mask for your hair. It’s ideal for oily scalps since it absorbs dirt and oil caused by product buildup. On top of that, the minerals in it have a healing, protective effect on each strand. The result: smooth, fresh, slick-free hair worthy of a wind machine. Use the mask once or twice a week when it’s extra hot and humid.

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